GamCare is a little known but extremely important part of the gambling industry. Without it, many people who take gambling to extremes would suffer. The idea of GamCare is to support anyone who gambles and thinks that they cannot control their gambling. GamCare do not say that you shouldn’t gamble but rather that you should do everything in moderation.

Practical Advice and Support for UK Gamblers

Based in the UK and for the UK population, GamCare which is a registered charity provides advice, practical help, support and even counseling for people and families who believe their gambling has gone too far. There are face to face workgroups that you can attend or you can contact a counselor through the live online link or via one of the toll free phone help lines. All of the counselors, who are there to help you, are highly skilled and trained psychologists who will help you with your addiction. At no point will any helpline individual tell you that you should not gamble but rather they will advise you to gamble in moderation.

Everyone Has a Right to Gamble in Moderation

The whole philosophy of GamCare is that it believes you have a right to gamble after all it is just another form of entertainment but what GamCare does enforce is responsible gaming. By reading the helpful hints or meeting with representatives from the organization you can understand and learn how to set yourself limits and no go overboard with the gambling. And, if by chance you cannot control your gambling addiction GamCare will help you deal with it and slowly encourage you and teach you how to apply limits so that you can have fun without the dread of losing too much money or trying to gain the losses that you have made.

Counseling Services

Apart from the online counseling and phone services there are also face to face counseling sessions that you can sign up for in addition to an online chat room and forum discussion where you can converse with other like minded players. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it is always easier to talk it through anonymously with no pressure and this is what GamCare provides amongst other services.

GamCare Casino Certification

As mentioned GamCare is not about discouraging online or land based gambling but more about enforcing responsible gambling and providing a haven for someone who may have taken the concept of trying to win a bit too far. As a result of this philosophy, GamCare regularly checks and audits land based and online casinos to make sure they are promoting responsible gambling. They certify these casinos with a GamCare certification which is a certificate to look out for when choosing which casino to play at as it gives you even more assurances about the quality of the casino. GamCare is there for the player and not for the casino so it is totally fair and if ever you do find yourself in an unpleasant situation, you can contact GamCare. It is also a good organization to register with, to help prevent you getting into an awkward situation and one that is very worthy and well respected.

GamCare Certified companies