Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker is a variation of the Caribbean Stud. It is more or less an improved version of the game, as with this one, you can ask the dealer for two more hits even if you have five cards already and even if you take up the dealer's bet and raise.

It's a simple enough poker variation, and you can easily grasp the whole concept with just a few tries - if you've never played Caribbean Draw before.

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is, of course, to beat the dealer and be the last man standing. What happens with the draw is that if you choose to draw, the dealer will also be given the same opportunity to draw.

If your final hand is higher than the dealer's, you are still not assured of the pot until you see that the dealer's final hand has two eights or above. If he doesn't have these cards, you only get the equivalent of your ante, and your raise will be given back to you.

However, should the dealer have the required cards, you will be paid based on your ante and your raise. If the dealer has the higher final hand, he, of course, gets the ante and the raise. A determining last high card from both you and the dealer will be needed if you end up having the same value of final cards.

Tricks of the Trade

There are several tips and tricks that you can use in order to secure your place at the poker table each time you play online. Knowing fully well the basics of poker is, of course, the first thing that you must have mastered by now.

Understanding the values of your combination cards will also help you come up with a winning hand, including learning how to read your opponents' cards to be able to come up with reasonable assumptions regarding the flow of the game.