Get Rocked! Slots

Five reels and 30 paylines make for a rocking good time on Get Rocked!, one of the hottest new slot games in the Microgaming collection.

Rocking Themes

The look and feel of Get Rocked! is that of a raging rock concert. The symbols include card indices ranging from 9 through A, rendered in a beautifully rock-ified black letter style, the members of the rock band, including the Drummer, the Keyboardist,, the Bass Player, the Guitar Player and the Lead Vocalist who serves as the wildcard. In addition there is the Rock Band logo that acts as a scatter symbol. Despite the use of the card indices at the lower levels, the art and the over all look of this game is very finished and very appealing.

Rock Tunes

Something often overlooked in slot games is the sounds that go with the play. Not so with Get Rocked! This one has a great rock and roll soundtrack that tracks with the way play is going. This is a terrific game throughout, but what really hooked us was the terrific soundtrack that pulls players into the whole rock band theme.

Rocking Combos

Five reels and 30 paylines add up to constant action and lots of winning combinations. Coin values are established by the player from 1¢ up to 25¢ and the big jackpot is 5000 coins or, if playing at the 25¢ level, $1250. The secondary jackpot is 3000 coins.

Rocking the Side Games

When the Rock Band Logo turns up in 3s, 4s or 5s, 10, 15 or 20 free spins may be won, respectively. The Rock Band Logo combos are the only ones that cannot be substituted by the Lead Singer.

When the Vocalist turns up, the Get Rocked Solo Bonus Feature game begins. The second screen is populated by the whole band and the player chooses which member gets the solo. When the soloist is selected, the player gets to see the solo, and then its value is revealed. This can be a very valuable phase of the game, and it is really entertaining too.

Like several other of Microgaming’s latest slot games, Get Rocked! includes a Gamble Bonus Feature. Every win triggers this game where the player may bet their win on a single card and the winning may be doubled or quadrupled or lost completely. It really ups the excitement level of the game and it can make or break a night’s winnings.

Rock the Casbah Tonight!

Microgaming has produced several new and very entertaining new games recently, and Get Rocked! may be the very best of an excellent crowd. Get settled in your favorite gaming station, and crank the volume up to 11 tonight! Get the reels spinning on Get Rocked! now!