Light Speed Slots

Light Speed is a classic is a classic video slot from Real Time Gaming, and it's set in outer space. If you ever enjoyed pulp sci-fi as a kid, this game will appeal to you.

But even though it is presented as a classic three reel slot, the game is packed to the gills with extra features and surprises, including fantastic graphics, extremely creative sound effect, and game elements normally only found in five reel slots such as wild symbols, multipliers, and a progressive jackpot.

If you are looking for some intergalactic thrills, try out Light Speed today.

Controlling the Speed of Light

Despite all of its extra features, Light Speed is a surprisingly easy game to play. Because this game features a progressive jackpot that can potentially climb into the thousands and thousands of dollars, it uses a fixed coins value: each coin that you wager on a spin is worth 25c. It only remains, then, to decide how many coins you want to play.

The aim of the game is to hit the progressive jackpot, and because it's geared in that way, the intermediate commerce aren't worth as much as you might expect. But there are surprises along the way that can cause the payouts to be multiplied, and they're easier to acquire than you might think.

But maximise value from them, it's worth playing the game on three coins.

Know Your Aliens By Sight

This game contains a lot of cool pulp sci-fi imagery. At the bottom of the pay table is the green bug eyed alien. He is followed by a flying saucer, and the shiny yellow star.

The next most valuable symbol in the game is the planet Earth, and to trigger the game's top jackpot, you will need to hit a line of three ray guns.

Surprisingly for a three reel classic slot, the game features a Wild symbol, in the form of a Fifties style TV robot - it can substitute for almost any other symbol in the set.

But the most interesting and useful symbol of the bunch is the Light Speed symbol.

How to Master the Light Speed Bonus

This game has a Light Speed meter on the sides of the reels. Whenever the Light Speed icon appears on the reels, the meter goes up by one, until it reaches seven.

Now, if you hit a winning combination, it is multiplied by however high your Light Speed meter has reached. So, for example, if you happen to land the three planets, your 150 coin win would be transformed into a 1050 coin win, if the meter was full.

Once the light meter has been used to multiply a winning, it resets back to one again.

To trigger the progressive jackpot (its value is displayed just above the reels), you must hit the three ray guns while your light meter is full.

Where the Best Games Are

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