The Hulk Slots

What could be better than Cryptologic Casinos and Marvel comic teaming up to produce one heck of a mind blowing bonus jackpot slot: The Hulk. This 5 reel, 9 payline slot possesses all the vibrancy and graphic richness of the original Hulk Marvel comic books as well as the action packed gaming of the best of Cryptologic software. This game will neither disappoint the die hard Hulk fan or the hard core slots expert. With all the critical elements necessary to recreate the atmosphere of the Hulk, this slot sizzles with sci-fi intensity. On top of the regular Hulkesque payouts, this slot has 3 simultaneous random jackpots going on: The Hero Jackpot, The Superhero Jackpot and the Marvel Hero Jackpot. The bigger you bet the larger your jackpot win, and these numbers are escalating as quickly as Dr. Bruce Banner’s blood pressure. If you’re looking for an ideal casino to spin your way to riches, InterCasino is the place for you. With 100% secure download and deposit and some of the best bonuses within the Cryptologic family of casinos, you’ll be in the money in no time. Download InterCasino today for weekly tournament, cash prizes and the best games.

Green is the New Gold

What The Hulk wants, The Hulk gets. And the same should be true for any slots lover. Today, just like the uncompromising Hulk will not tolerate injustice, so to you should not tolerate any low quality, shoddy slotmanship. The Hulk bonus slots is exacting in every way. Each symbol offers new hope for humanity as well as the big win. Appropriately, the Radiation Symbol is the scatter, multiplying your winnings. But when three or more appear on the payline, they trigger the Bonus Feature, where you, as The Hulk, choose either a plane or a tank in order to destroy the secret weapons laboratory. For every bit of enemy machinery you smash, prizes are awarded until the climax when The Hulk destroys the lab. The Hulk Smash Feature also multiplies your wins as you spin them. Throw in hydrogen bombs, mad scientists and the military and you’ve got an explosive game on your hands. All in all, you can always count on The Hulk to get the job done the way it needs to get done in order to win you the most money.

Employ the Fear Factor

When The Incredible Hulk is hunting you down, be afraid, be very afraid. But when he is on your side, as he is here, you’re in for the ride of your life. He may have a nuclear blast of a temper, but he’s got a heart of gold. Successfully tap into The Hulk’s inner self and you could win some serious cash in the process. Download InterCasino today to see where The Hulk plays, and earn yourself a £250 Welcome Bonus on your first deposit.