Lucky Bastard Slots

Lucky Bastard is a fun and fruity slot machine. Based on the popular TV show, Lucky Bastard is the classic 3 reel, 1 payline slot game, with a distinctly British feel. With a bonus game, multiplier, and hold features, Lucky Bastard is the fruit slot game that is exciting to play while collecting big payouts.

How to Play Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard has a maximum bet of 1 coin. The coins are worth between 10 cents and $10. The maximum jackpot you can win in Lucky Bastard is 1,000 coins. Lucky Bastard is a slot game, so you have to line up the fruit in winning combinations on the 3 reels. There is only 1 payline.

If you roll 3 3-Bars, your winnings are multiplied by 100. 3 2-Bars net 16 times your bet. 3 1-Bars are worth 10 times your bet. If you roll any 3 Black bars, you win 8 times your wager. 3 Red-Bars are worth 4 times your original bet. 3 Yellow-bars are only worth twice what you bet.

There is a sneak peak option that allows you to see over the next symbol. This helps you use your nudge better and guarantee a winning combination. If you get the 3 black bar symbols in 3 straight spins, you can play the bonus game, which allows you to increase your total winnings based on the amount you originally bet.

Symbols That Matter in Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard includes a nudge features that allows you to shift the reel down so that you can see the next symbol and put together a winning combination. You can also choose to bank your nudges. There are 4 total nudges in Lucky Bastard. You can also use the hold symbol in order to set aside a given symbol for the next spin so that you can have a better chance for a winning combination.

Lucky Bastard Bonus Game

You get the chance to play the bonus game if you score 3 black bars in 3 straight spins. The bonus game gives you the opportunity to bank up to 250 times the amount you bet at the start. For instance, if you bet 10 and score a 50 during the bonus game, then you will 10 X 50 for a total of 500.