Lucky Charmer Slots

Lucky Charmer is a classic slot machine game with a magical, mystical feel. While winning big money, you'll be swept up in a fantastical world of Arabian snake charmers. Experience the Middle Eastern magic of Lucky Charmer when you hit a winning combination and hear the music of the snake charmer's flute. Even though it's easy to play, you'll be enchanted by Lucky Charmer -- every time you bank a win, you experience the full extent of Lucky Charmer's advanced graphics and sound.

Playing Lucky Charmer

Lucky Charmer is a classic 3 reel, 1 payline slot machine. The fixed bet amount for Lucky Charmer is $1, and you can play up to 3 coins at each turn. It's a good idea to bet the 3 coin max in order to maximize winnings and qualify for the bonus game. Lucky Charmer also includes a wild symbol to add another level of excitement to the game. In order to win the Lucky Charmer jackpot, you have to roll 3 green cobras. The maximum jackpot for Lucky Charmer is 5,000 coins.

Symbols That Matter in Lucky Charmer

The only wild symbol in Lucky Charmer is the king cobra, and it's only wild in order to create a 3 green cobra combination. You can use the king cobra to replace another symbol to make 3 green cobras.

Bonus Features in Lucky Charmer

In order to activate the bonus feature in Lucky Charmer, bet the maximum 3 coins on a slot roll. If a king cobra appears on the payline after wagering 3 coins, then the bonus feature is triggered. Choosing the bonus feature takes you to the snake charmer. Choose one of 3 flutes for the charmer to play. The charmer then starts to play the flute and various graphics will rise up from within the baskets. These graphics represent the different bonuses that you get to bank.

Where to Play Lucky Charmer

There are many online casino sites where you can play Lucky Charmer. 32Red Casino gives you £32 for every £20 deposited on the first purchase. You can also play Lucky Charmer at Wild Jack Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, All Slots Casino, and All Jackpots Casino.