My Bonus 4 Life Promotion

Offered exclusively by Intercasino to all InterCasino players this name says it all. This is YOUR very own and private bonus tied up in a tailor made package for life. InterCasino, one of the top online casinos today driven by powerful gaming software, offers all new players an irresistible sign on bonus of a 100% match where your first deposit is equally matched up to $250. As an extension to this great offer InterCasino brings you My Bonus 4 Life.

The bonus structure is simple. It is based on your preferred game play, your expenditure and how often you like to play. Every month, you are sent offers that without a doubt appeal to you. To top it off you are also offered bonuses on a weekly basis.

You are able to influence how much you are offered. InterCasino knows you love gambling because they can tell how much time you spend with them, at the tables and at the slot machines. The more you wager the more you are offered. They also know that your weekly and monthly promotional offers will suit you just perfectly.

No need to be mistaken, once you are signed up with InterCasino, your membership is for life. And that is why your promotions are also for life. My Bonus 4 Life is InterCasino's guarantee to you that you are part of the team.

No more mail

What an evolutionary concept. Email has become a very messy business. All kinds of emails land up in your email box from people you don't know or lists you have subscribed to. Everyone wants you to do something, click on a link or hear them out. Well, InterCasino have a new way of doing things. Need to read your InterCasino mail to find out about your My Bonus 4 Life offer? Just log into your InterCasino account and your My InterCasino Inbox will be there with your next free offer!

A million more reasons to play

It is not surprising that these advances in the world of online gaming have come from InterCasino who has been around since 1996. Since then they have been voted best online casino numerous times. If it's not the great cash benefits, it's the games. With a large selection of interactive games to choose from including the likes of Crazy Jewellery Slots, forming part of the group of new 3D slots ( download 3d slots online) and Winter Wonderland highlighting the beauty and wonder that the freezing outdoors can offer, there is no way you cannot have a whale of a time.