Florida Resident Plays Bonus Progressive Game and Wins $127,342

Many of us wish we could be so lucky. However, luck was surely with the poker player Janet T. when she recently visited the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. She was able to place a small bet and win big. You will not believe this, but Janet T. wagered only $1 and was surprised to receive over $127,342 as her prize money. Imagine placing such as small wager and winning such big money!

Progressive Blackjack

Janet T. is originally from Florida and she was just on vacation at the hotel and casino. After 8pm in the evening she decided to play blackjack in the casino and this is when she struck gold and won her big prize. Janet played one of the many exciting bonus progressive jackpots that this casino has to offer. Unlike other progressives, this is a blackjack progressive that Janet T. won her prize with. The game she won on is unique only to Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

How She Won

This player was very lucky and headed towards winning big even though she wagered only $1. However, the first two cards she was dealt gave her the winning blackjack combination. After this, Janet had a special bonus wheel game to play. It is then that the wheel landed on the jackpot of $127,342. She was so happy to win that the dealer was given $5,000 as a tip and each of the six players next to her got $200.