Pressure Increases to Stop New Jersey Sports Gaming

The pressure increased this year over the legality of sports gambling. This has occurred in such a way that many people think it miht not be possible to do sportsbetting in New Jersey. However, a recent law passed has resulted in resulted in New Jersey becoming the third state to legalize online gaming. The other states where it is legal include Nevada and Delaware. This will mean that with online gaming legal in New Jersey, more customers might choose to play online rather than go to a brick and mortar casino.

Proponents for New Jersey Online Gambling

The approval of online gaming for real money was met with both support or criticisms from different organizations and businesses. The bill was signed by Governor Christie and many people in favor of New Jersey online gambling hope this is just the start. Proponents see this as a step towards a valuable money making deal. If successful, more states might be able to use New Jersey's plan as a model on how to setup online wagering in each state.

New Jersey Online Wagering

However, the quick start that many were hoping for online wagering in this state will be overshadowed by the lack of technology. Time will be needed to get the technology up to date. Brick and mortar casinos are also able to open online gaming sites, but will first need to obtain an online license. Anyone placing a wager must be located in New Jersey to comply with state law.