The Advantages of Ignition Casino’s Rewards

Ignition Casino has just unveiled its upgraded loyalty program and the rewards that can be provided through it, including brand new features and offers. Signing up on the website means immediately signing up for the prize-providing program and through it players will be able to get access to bonuses of every kind imaginable. Once a gambler signs up and logs in, he will remain permanently enlisted in this promotion program. Ignition Casino has a feature called Ignition Miles. These special points will increase for every player with the amount of time he or she spends playing. Later on, the Ignition Miles can be traded for free cash prizes and various profitable advantages. These Miles will start to be generated by the player right after the moment of signing up. Furthermore, there are free chip prizes, awards delivered every week and special offers for the most devoted members. The VIP Program consists of 8 different levels. Each level provides better promotions and bigger rewards and can be unlocked by the player after the fulfillment of the respective requirements. One of the best traits of Ignition's program is that levels can't be downgraded like it is the case with many other popular online casinos.

Promotions of the Levels

Ignition Miles are earned differently on different types of games and their acquiring depends on the size of the wager. Specialty Games deliver the most Miles, followed by Slot games and finally by Video Poker and Table Games. In order from lowest to highest, the 8 levels are Steel, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Diamond. The Steel Miles rate is 2500 for 1 dollar. The Chrome one is 2250 Miles for 1 dollar. The Bronze one is 2000 Miles for 1 dollar. The Silver one is 1750 Miles for 1 dollar. The Gold one is 1500 Miles for 1 dollar. The Platinum one is 1250 Miles for 1 dollar. The Titanium one is 1000 Miles for 1 dollar and the same rate is attached to the Diamond level. The Cashback bonus also varies from level to level. The Steel one is 6 percent, the Chrome one is 7 percent, the Bronze one is 8 percent, the Silver one is 9 percent, the Gold one is 10 percent, the Platinum one is 11 percent, the Titanium one is 12 percent and the Diamond one is 15 percent.

Ignition Casino's Rewards Program is extremely generous and is a great addition to the collective gambling experience of the spectacular website.