Offering numerous twists and turns, Cubee is one of the newest games on the market and one that is being dubbed the strangest, as well. This is something that many are wondering what was the developer thinking because it is not only weird, but there are so many different characters that stand out and really make you wonder how this game was put together. If you're thinking about playing something a bit different, then this could be the best game to play.

Game Play

The game is not set up like a normal slot machine, which is one of the biggest reasons that makes it different from the others. The game play comes from the wheel in the middle of the two monsters on the screen. You have to click the wheel below the colored swirl at the top. Once this is done, you can then check out the many different smaller monsters that come up on the swirl. This is how you tell if you win any cash while playing the game.

Different from any of the other slots out there, especially the classic slots, this is a slot machine that is made for those that want to play something different. The game play is exciting, is fun and fresh and it is easy. This is one of the biggest things that draws people in. The graphics are clean, colorful and easy to read. You can have a lot of fun while playing this game, even if it is different from the slot machine games you've played before.

What to Consider During Game Play

When you're playing this slot machine, you will find that it is played differently from the other slot machines. There is no lever to pull, so this puts people off. There is a small reel at the bottom of the page that you click to have the swirl spin around and then land on the monsters that come up. The game is then simple when it comes to mixing and matching the monsters that pop up on the screen.

When you land on the right monsters, they will beat the one monster with a club and the other monster will eat the matching ones, giving you more money when you're playing. This makes the game more interactive than the other slots that come up on the screen and in other areas.

Overall Verdict

The verdict of this game is that it is not only exciting and fun, but many people should try to play it because it is different from the other slots that you come across. It is interactive and exciting to watch. You can play and have fun when you spin the reels and see where it lands. This is big and it is something that you want to look into. The monsters are there to provide fun for everyone looking for a little more excitement around the corner.