Native American slots

If you love anything to do with native America, you'll love the wide range of native American slots games you'll find online. Check out the following examples, presenting some of the best options you can go for. They've all got their own unique features and bonus options to look for, and they'll all give you a great experience for your money!

Chief's Fortune Classic Slots

This is a classic three reel game with a single payline. Choose from one, two or three coins on your line and try and find the chief's head to win it big with three in a row.

Totem Quest Slots

With five reels and twenty five paylines this game packs a lot in! Watch for the totem heads and puzzle pieces. Get as many totem heads as you can - three or more on the reels means free spins for you. Read our Totem Quest Slots review.

Freaky Wild West 3D Slots

This game is amusing and enormous fun. All the characters are animated and there are three different bonus games to play for. Each one will provide you with a winning opportunity to grab some cash. Read our Freaky Wild West 3D Slots review.

Rain Dance Slots

Coyotes, teepees and more are all on the reels with the Rain Dance slots. Try and make the most of the chief as he can double up your prizes on winning lines when he pops up on the first and fifth reels. Read our Rain Dance Slots review.

Download and play your choice of native American slots today!

With so many possibilities and choices to make, it makes perfect sense to check out the whole range of native American slots. Try one at a time to see which one could turn out to be your favorite. Will it be Firehawk Slots or Totem Quest Slots, or perhaps something else entirely?

Download and try them all now and see which ones produce the best prizes for you!