Online Casinos with Bonuses and Free Money

If we learned one thing from the bank crisis it is this: The best way to gamble is with other people's money!

Most of us, however, do not have access to free money to gamble with. . . or do we?

All of the top casinos share a number of traits in common, and one of the most notable of those traits is bonuses. They offer welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, bonuses for being logged in at some pre-determined second in the course of a week, and, our favorite, no deposit bonuses. Players cannot just sign up for these bonuses and then cash out - there are rules, after all, and the casinos want you to try their products. The bonuses are just a way of getting players to log into their sites and give their latest and greatest games a try.

And what is wrong with that? For those of us too frugal to allot play money every week, a little bonus might be just the incentive that we need to schedule some much needed play-time.

Here are a few of the USA friendly casinos that welcome players with great bonuses and free money:

  • Go Casino - Go Casino offers a 100% set-up bonus that has the potential to be worth a total of $20,000 to new players! No, that is not a mis-print, and, yes, that is hours and hours of exciting game-play.

  • English Harbour Casino - One of our all-time favorites offers a 150% bonus up to $450.
  • Super Slots Casino - one of the oldest and trust worthy casinos, offer 100% up to $3,000 Bonus.
  • Rushmore Casino - Rushmore gets the dice rolling with a 100% set-up bonus up to a maximum of $888!

  • Cirrus Casino - Cirrus offers a 333% matching bonus plus $25 no deposit bonus for immediate play. The maximum set-up bonus is $333.

  • Cool Cat Casino - Get the reels spinning at Cool Cat with a potential for a 1000% set-up bonus! In addition, they offer a generous no deposit bonus of $100. The maximum for the set-up bonus is $1000.

These are just a sampling of the great bonuses that are available online. All of the top casinos offer incentives to players to come in and to keep playing, so after you register and get your account established, contact their online customer service specialist for information on the bonuses that they offer. They will have most of the information on their websites, but they may have new or limited time benefits that only the customer service line may be aware of.

Head out to your favorite online casino tonight and enjoy hours of gambling excitement, courtesy of the management!