5 Times Vegas Slots

We love the game design in 5 Times Vegas slots, as it captures the neon glitz that is so reminiscent of the Las Vegas Strip and the 1980s. For slot game winners who desire thrill-free slot games, you'll find everything you expect in this classic slot. There are 3 reels, 3 paylines, and no bonus rounds. Here's everything you need to know about the game.

  • Slot Game Developer - Woohoo Games
  • Slot Game Type - 3 reel slot with multipliers
  • Slot Game Theme - Classic slot, fruit slot
  • Paylines - 3
  • Betting Options - 9 cents, 30 cents, 90 cents, $1.50, $3, $4.50, $9, $30, $60, or $120
  • Slot Game RTP - 96%

Understanding the Paytable and Betting Options

You can wager up to the $120 max bet ($40 coin value) as all 3 paylines are activated with your bet. The lowest coin value is 3 cents. You can stick to the smallest wager, but tehre's plenty of range if you want to take a slightly larger risk. Many slot game winners find the $3 bet ($1 coin value) is a good starting point.

Now that you've decided on your wager, here's what you stand to win from the different symbols shown on the 5 Times Vegas paytable.

When you're ready to win a lot of cash, switch and play for real money. Play 5 Times Vegas in the instant play casino or through mobile play for Android and iOS.

  • Cherries - 2 coins
  • Grapes - 5 coins
  • Watermelon - 7 coins
  • Bells - 10 coins
  • Diamonds - 15 coins
  • Bars - 20 coins
  • 7s - 50 coins
  • X2 - 100 coins
  • X3 - 500 coins
  • X5 - 1,000 coins

No matter what you set the coin value to, you have to have three matching symbols across the top, bottom, or center payline if you're going to win.

The Value of the Multipliers

The X2, X3, and X5 multipliers can help increase your payouts. Suppose you have two cherries and an X2, you'd get 4 coins as your prize (2 times X2). These multipliers can be incredibly helpful in growing the size of any payouts. If you have an X3, X2, and cherry symbol on a payline, the X2 and X3 are multiplied (X6) and then the value of the cherry (2 coins) is multiplied by X6 for 12 coins.

If you happen to get a payline with an X2, X3, and X5, you'd get a payout of the max 25x. With a $1 coin value, you'd win an impressive $25.

5 Times Vegas slots may not be packed with free spins or pick 'em bonus rounds, but the prizes are very generous. That's why so many players flock to the game. Play it for fun using practice demo play and get used to the betting options and payouts.