Bonus Slot Machines

The age of going to a dark and smoky casino to enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels on a slot machine is long over; these days all gamblers can enjoy that same excitement from the comfort of their own home. Check out one of the many Reputable Online Casinos .

5 Reel Bonus Slots are the Best!

Everyone knows that if you spin the reels long enough, you’ll win money when you play a slot machine, but few truly understand the incredible thrill of a bonus slot game. When playing a free online slots with bonus rounds , players experience an opportunity to win bigger prizes more frequently. Check out an online casino soon to enjoy the wonders of a bonus slot game. Most bonus slot games are 5 reels of exhilarating, colorful entertainment with certain symbol combinations that lead to a secondary game within the slot game. For example, in some games a 3 scatter symbols appearing on the screen during a spin will lead to a game that provides extra spins. Other times, players will have the chance to pop balloons or choose boxes that contain prizes. One fun feature of many “pick a box” bonus games is the chance to win multiple times; the player who chooses the correct box on the lowest tier is then allowed to choose a box on the next tier, and so on. Just remember, the more successful your choice, the better your prize. You don’t want to miss this, so check out the exciting bonus slot games available at online casinos today.

Why Play? To Seek a Fortune!

All online casino slot game players will love the bonuses available in many of the slots games. The best reason to choose a bonus slot game as your online casino game of choice is simple: You can accrue a lot of money from playing! Bonus slots that take players to a secondary game often provide huge prizes for choosing the right box or balloon, and those that provide free spins give players more chances to win! If you couple these exciting parts of the bonus game with the fact that most prizes are doubled or tripled during this round, any bonus slot game player can see the huge potential to win!

What Kinds of Slot Games Have Bonuses?

There is literally a bonus slots game available for every player, regardless of interests! Some will find their fun and fortune with Hidden Riches Slots , which provides a bonus round unlike any other; simply spin the reels until three or more scattered tablets appear anywhere on the screen, and wait while the light flashes around an “Adventurer’s Circle” which contains 5 prizes and a bonus round…Once a single prize (or bonus) has been lit up 3 times, the player wins! With a potential prize of up to 2000 times the original bet, any player will be thrilled to start spinning the reels in this fascinating bonus slots game.

Why Are You Still Here? Play at on of the popular Bonus Slots

Most online casinos allow players to try before they buy, so go check out some of the incredible bonus slot games available…for free!