Evolution Slots

Interested in a slot game that evolves and offers ever-changing prize payouts as you play? Us too, that’s why we created a review on Evolution, a pretty unique slot game created by NetEnt (Net Entertainment). This 25-reel slot seems pretty basic on the surface, but it’s advanced and unique and a blast to play. Find out all the details below, or just hop into playing this game for yourself on a compatible casino site.

Demo Play this Video Slot

Unlike many modern slots, this one isn’t a progressive jackpot game. With that said, it’s designed for maximum fun and excitement. Don’t believe us, demo the game for yourself in free play mode. That’s right, this game is developed to run without requiring real money to play. That means you can get familiar with it and then choose to spend money on it when you decide to take the gameplay to the next level. It’s fun to play either way, but we really fell in love with the slot when we began playing for real money. You’ll enjoy a wide range of bets that you can place when you do.

We Love the Unique Design and Performance Of This Game

NetEnt really outdid themselves when they came up with Evolution. This slot game changes scenery depending on the stage of evolution you’re in while playing. Symbols transform, the layout of the slot is simple and easy to understand and you’ll uncover wilds, extra spins and more all on reels that seem to be spinning in the wrong direction. All these simple touches come together to make a slot game that’s captivating and that makes us happy to be wagering online.

Just the Right Mix of Wagering Options

One of the first things we noticed while rating this slot game is that the perfect number of wagering options are provided. You get a total of 25 paylines, and they all remain active with every single spin giving you a good shot at victory. Even though you can’t change the line amount you can choose the amount that you want to wager per line effectively. Wager a low of $0.1 and a high of $0.05 per coin, and choose to bet between 1 and 10 coins per line. Between all these options you can wager a low of $0.25 per spin and a high of $125.00 per spin. Adjust the three dials to get to a value you are comfortable with and proceed from there for the best results and the most fun with this slot game.

Uncover Free Spins as You Play

Getting three or more of the free spins symbols out on the reels on a spin will take you to the free spin bonus round. Do this to unlock some nice free prize wins, but also to give yourself a chance to trigger the Evolution feature as well. Once you’ve done that you’ll amp up your win potential and start to realize just how profitable this slot can be with a bit of luck.

Wins are Smaller But Increase with Time

Evolution is one of the few slot games we’ve ever encountered with win amounts that increase over time. That’s all thanks to the Evolution feature itself. AS you play this slot game you’ll get the opportunity to evolve the symbols into more valuable options. Each time you activate the free spin bonus round you have a chance to launch the Evolution bonus game and evolve your symbols to make them more valuable. That means that the not-so-impressive wins you start out with will improve over time and leave you with bigger and better payouts over time. You’ll start out in water and move on to land and increase your winning potential with time. Just watch out for meteors that will push you back to the beginning again!

We Love the Originality of This Slot

Even though this slot game isn’t one of the highest paying games that you’ll encounter, it is one of the most original. The reels spin in the opposite direction than we’re used to. The symbols transform into higher-paying options. There are a few bonus features that keep the wins flowing in and help make gambling on this game more exciting, and there are loads of ways for you to win with every single spin. Not to mention that this slot game looks amazing for being more than five years old. We love the look, feel and performance of this game, and we had to give it a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars rating. Now that’s not half bad!

Evolution Even Works on Mobile

Even though most slots weren’t being optimized for mobile when this game came out, it works flawlessly on Android and iOS devices. You can literally load this game up on most different devices and take it with you on the go effortlessly. That’s the great thing about this slot and it makes it more versatile and convenient to play. If you want to make the most of your online gambling it’s best to stick with mobile games like this one so you can play anywhere.

Evolution is a top-tier slot game and we’re not surprised since it came from NetEnt. The game stands out in nearly every way. It’s unique, it looks different and plays different than most others, and it’s a whole lot of fun as well. We’re not saying it’s going to be everyone’s new favorite game. There will undoubtedly be some people that hate this slot, but we’re not one of them. We love it and want you to try it out for yourself.