Sands of Space Slots

Sands of Space is an Ancient Egyptian themed slot game that plays off the idea that the Egyptians got help from aliens to build their pyramids and more. This slot combines alien technology, Egyptian style statues and more to create a compelling and unique-looking slot game. We were impressed with the design of this slot and that’s why we reviewed it fully. Keep reading to learn all about Sands of Space and how this slot game works.

A Saucify Creation

Saucify is a smaller development company that is often just a part of a casino’s game offerings. The company is known for making reliable slot games and for building games on unique themes, but not for offering large jackpots or too many modern features. That’s likely why this game seems pretty basic when compared to some other developer creations offered today.

A Pretty Standard Video Slot Game

There are loads of slots with advanced features like progressive jackpots or unique add-ons that make them difficult to classify. This slot is a pretty standard video slot game with no progressive jackpots and just a single bonus feature. It’s pretty basic in design and that’s going to appeal to gamblers that don’t want to deal with complex rules or too many options. Setting the wager amount might be more specific than some gamblers will like though with three different adjustments to work with to set your limit.

Loads of Wagering Options at Low Limits

There are tons of wagering options for you to work with if you don’t mind betting at a lower level. There are three different adjustments that you can make to change the total amount of money that you bet while playing this slot game. The first is the coin size, which can be set at a low of $0.01 and a high of $0.25 each. Next is the number of coins per line from 1 to 5 coins each. Finally, you can adjust how many paylines are activated while you play from 1 to 20. This gives you a complete wagering range of $0.01 per spin to $12.50 per spin. It’s not a bad range, but it’s not good for high-stakes players looking to win big. Decide what sort of player you are before picking up this slot game so you can ensure it’s going to offer enough options to keep you happy over time.

A Paytable Filled with Small Prizes

All the prizes on the table for this slot are smaller in size. Even the biggest wins only amount to about 500x the line bet amount which isn’t much. The scatter symbols are worth up to 30x your wager amount if you get all five along with rewarding you with a special bonus feature. Overall, there just isn’t that much money to be won with this slot game. It’s still enjoyable to play around with, but you’ll need to win a lot to walk away with any sort of decent profit from playing.

A Two Tall Wild

The main feature that you’ll encounter while playing this game is the wild symbol that’s two symbols tall. This special feature increases your chances of hitting winning combinations that involve wilds, but not as much as the slots with wilds that stretch the full length of the reel. Even still, this symbol will increase your chances of winning a bit and give you a shot at scoring some impressive wins.

The Hidden Vault Feature

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels while playing this slot will trigger the special treasure vault feature. Once you’ve triggered this bonus round it will be up to you to choose the container you think will have the best treasure inside. The option you choose determines just how much of a payout you get from the slot, so choose with care to get the biggest rewards. This is a fun little extra on this slot game and can help to make it more interesting to play overall.

Just an Okay Top Payout

The largest win you can get from this slot game on a single spin is for around 21,500 coins. That’s decent but not life-changing, especially when you consider that the largest line bet you can place is just $0.25. That means you would win roughly $5,000 from a top prize winner with the largest wager in position from this slot game. That’s just not that much money for players betting the top amount while playing.

Try Free or Real Money Modes

’From the moment that you begin playing this slot game you have a few different ways that you can experience it. The game works just fine with real money and can be played for real cash prizes if that’s what you want to do. This is easily the most exciting way to try out this slot and will give you the best experience overall. You don’t have to play for real money though, and many gamblers decide not to. If you want to keep your bankroll safe while getting to know this game you can play for free as well. Just turn on the Demo version of this slot game and test it out for yourself. In just a few minutes you’ll get familiar with the slot and can move over to free play if you like.

It’s Mobile Optimized Too

Mobile gambling is quickly becoming the favorite way that players interact with online slot games and other options. If you’re looking for a way to take your slot gambling experience to the next level it’s a good idea to invest in a game that offers mobile wagering to you. Doing this will allow you to play while on the go and make the most of the slot that you’re interested in. Sands of Space works on tablet and smartphone devices running Android or iOS, which means most products will run it just fine. If you want to wager away from home you’ll love being able to do that on this slot.

This slot game isn’t right for everyone, but players looking to win regularly will enjoy the playstyle it offers. Since the slot provides decent returns, it pays out very frequently and still ends up being entertaining for some players. After examining all the features of this slot we couldn’t give it a rating higher than 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. It’s fun, but it’s lacking in terms of prize payouts and bonus features as well. If you’re the type of gambler that needs large prize payouts to keep things interesting, this isn’t the right game for you. Either way, try this slot out for yourself and see if you enjoy your time with it, after all, you can play for free!