T-Rex Slots

Take a trip back to the Jurassic period where the dinos ruled the earth in this high paying slot from RTG Software. With all the scatters in this game, you are sure to enter the free spins mode where the money really rolls in and T-Rex devours all the other mega lizards on the screen for some huge payouts. With all the multipliers and bonuses with this game and the game like Jurassic Park slots, you will definitely not get “Jurassicked“.

Becoming the Ultimate Predator

This is a five reel slot that can play up to 25 lines. It has wilds, scatters, and free spins and pays out for several different combinations. There are some strategies to the game though. Many people are of the mind that if you put less in you have a lower risk. This may be true, but it is also true that you will win less. You may want to use the max bet with a smaller coin so that you can maximize your winnings. You want to have as much of the screen covered with your lines as you can get. This way, you are sure to win on at least one line and can even get several lines to pay out in one spin. One other benefit to using the max bet is that you will often extend your play time. Players that use the max bet are able to last longer at the machines, increasing the odds of a jackpot. By utilizing your max bet, you increase your chances at the jackpot, which is the goal to all casino games.

Dinosaurs to Devour

There are not too many symbols to remember on this slot but the ones that are there will pay huge. This slot uses the normal nine through ace symbols for the smaller wins but there are also some prehistoric symbols for even higher wins. The standard symbols are a volcano, an ankylosaur (the short armored one with the club tail), a triceratops, and a stegosaurus. There are two more symbols to this game. The wild is T-Rex and man is he wild. He only comes out on the third reel but when he does, he doubles any winning combo. It is the free spins mode that he really goes on the rampage though. The last symbol is the egg. The egg will pay out if two appear anywhere on the screen but if you get three or more, you get the free spins mode. If you get four or five, you can get a 10 or 200 multiplier and the free spins mode.

T-Rex on the Rampage

The action really starts in the free spin mode. If you get three or more eggs anywhere on the screen, the reels will freeze and you will enter the free spins mode. To determine how many free spins you get, you will be prompted to crack open each egg. Each egg will hold up to ten free spins. The best part of the free spins mode is that T-Rex hit’s the buffet line in this mode. If a T-Rex comes out during the free spins mode, he will devour all other dinosaurs on the screen and replace them with a clone of himself, and then the lines payout. This can make the winnings soar higher than any pterodactyl could ever reach. Go ahead. Feed the beast and watch the jackpots roll in.

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