King Tut’s Treasure Slots

There's something extremely appealing about the mystery that is Egypt. There's something about its rich and enigmatic history that just draws people in. And this appeal is made even stronger by the fact that ancient Egypt was practically swimming in treasure, and that even now, there are riches inside those ancient tombs that most people only dream about. It's no wonder, then, that Egypt is a very appropriate theme for a slots machine. Both the country and the game symbolize immense wealth and riches, and what better symbol of Ancient Egypt to use than King Tut himself? Indeed, King Tut's Treasure Slots is a video slots machine that really banked on Ancient Egypt's reputation for being rich with treasure. And I have to admit, the game's design is pretty good. The graphics are pretty great and the theme was really well executed. Some of the symbols you will find in the game include various hieroglyphics, an oasis, the sphinx, and of course, the pyramids. The sound was pretty appropriate for the theme and really added to the games character. Furthermore, this game was pretty user friendly, and with the instructions always visible to the player, it's very easy to know exactly what to do.

How to Play the Game

King Tut's Treasure Slots is a three-reel video slots machine. It is classic in a sense that it has all the basic features, with nine symbols appearing on the screen each time you spin. There's a Bet One and a Bet Max feature which allows the user some flexibility in choosing his or her bet. There's also a stop spin feature which allows him to stop the reels any time. King Tut's Treasure Slots doesn't disappoint when it comes to bonuses either.

The symbol that you should watch out for is the Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbol is represented by a gold face like the ones usually found on the sarcophagi of the ancient pharaoh. Like most wild symbol, this can be used to complete a winning combination that has three symbols. The same symbol can also be used as a multiplier. And any winnings you get from the combination you form will be multiplied by two.

Where to Play the Game

There are several brands in the net where you can play this game. But there's no doubt at all that the best places where you can play this game are LibertySlots Online Casino, ( the following casino brands have been closed in May 2011:

English Harbour Casino, Super Slots Casino, Millionaire Casino, Online Vegas Casino, Go Casino, Silver Dollar Casino and Crazy Slots Casino