Gladiator’s Gold Slots

Brave enough to face the gladiators of ancient times? Nah, I was just kidding. Anyway, you can somewhat experience the feel of ancient Rome while playing slots, thanks to Gladiator Gold Slots. Gladiator slots is a slot machine that is associated with the ancient Rome/Gladiators theme. The machine has 5 reels in total and has 5 pay lines available. There are a total of 34 winning combinations to make up for the limited pay lines available. You can bet a maximum of 5 coins here, each could be worth a penny to a good $10. This game is really not meant for the high rollers as this game is more of a fun-centered slot machine. The game is pretty simple really, and the overall appearance of the screen is splendid. Symbols are done in great detail as the sound effects and music matches the selected theme. If you're up for a little history in Rome, this could be your best bet on slots. This is the one you've been looking for in the slots world.

Ancient Roman Slot Symbols

Well, they're not really ancient, but the symbols are wonderfully detailed that you'd think the designers did a wonderful job. Plus, you wouldn't get confused over them. You'll know exactly when you are about to win something from your spin. The symbols include a Face of some guy, a shield, a lion, a helmet, armor, a chariot, a couple of axes, a gladiator, and a coliseum. Those are the symbols you'd be watching out for in the course of the game.

Bonuses on Victories

In terms of the bonuses in the game, there is a maximum of 1000 coins you can get while playing. Now that's pretty something, isn't it? Although the maximum bet is only limited to $50, you can still say that the bonus is a decent amount. Plus, the bonus isn't really that hard to get since it only takes a few dollars to play per spin. This is a fun game, and if you're up for a little extra, you can get a chance to win the bonus.

Where's the Coliseum for This?

If you want the battles to begin right away, I suggest you head on over at Liberty Slots Casino to playthis game at its best. LibertySlots casino tempts its new players with 100% match bonus.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to face the gladiators…in slots.

important note: following VT casinos which used to pffer this game are closed now: Millionaire Casino, Grand Vegas Casino, Silver Dollar Casino or English Harbour Casino