Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is an action packed poker game that is part of the Microgaming Gold series of table games and Jackpot Factory Casinos is one among a select few to launch this mega game. Poker as a game is loved the world over and nowadays there are so many different varieties of poker, each having its own merits but the one common fact that underlies all poker games is - fun. Derivco aims to release a New Table Games strategy and Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is being created as a part of this strategy. Players and interested individuals must know that the game will be released online with the "Gold Series" tag to it to ensure there is a feeling of realism, quality and sophistication that surrounds it.

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is not a different variant of poker but is actually derived from the common Texas Hold'em game of poker that many people play nowadays. It will be governed by the Las Vegas group of rules. The game is extremely easy to learn for rookies and the game also allows users to have an optional bet. Moreover, no bet can be placed after the river.

The game is beautifully made that combines a very desirable potion of gambling tradition and up to date technology. The game looks crisp and sharp and runs at a brilliant pace. It hence, lends an air of sophistication to the game. Moreover, the sophistication feel is further enhanced by the top notch graphics and sound quality which are the first two things anyone will notice about the game. Moreover, the best part about the game is its ability to create telling bonus side bets. These bets can give the player rewards up to 52,020.00 which are massive for any game of this magnitude.

The designers' goal for this innovative and new game was to provide players with action on a base of precision animation, pinpoint graphics, digital sounds and imaginative player views. This ensures the game has a "real" feel to it and thus greatly enhances the overall appeal of the game.

The ambience around the casino table has been given some top notch enhancements such as better and clearer player views, enlarged chip tray, ambient background music, animating chip selector, and roll over. This gives the player an ultimate playing experience like no other. You will not feel you're playing on an online casino, but in a real brick and mortar casino.

Naturally, the best part of the game comes when the play actually begins and here the appearance of card flips, articulate icons and chip movements provide an unparalleled level of casino gaming realism. The player controls, which are interactive, are well positioned and clearly marked.

The player will be allowed to take a seat near the burr and elegant walnut framed table once play begins in this revolutionary game. Here, you can win big by using your skill and guile and most importantly, good cards.

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold uses a single set of fifty two cards just like the traditional Texas Hold'em poker games, but the difference here is that no bets are allowed after the river. The game, like mentioned earlier, follows the Las Vegas group of rules and these rules can be easily seen on a guide on the game table. Moreover, the game offers the ability to earn spectacular bonus side bets that have the capacity to pay as high as thousand to one.

The game has a minimum chip limit of 1.00 and a maximum chip limit of 200.00. The maximum bet is also set at 200.00. Mixed and unlimited chip stacks are allowed to be used and they automatically resize to create the current bet that has the least number of chips.

Statistical personality:

The game has a payout percentage between 99% and 100% which is exceptionally impressive for a Texas Hold'em game. It is for this very reason that the game is so popular around the world and some poker tournaments are even telecast live on national television. The volatility of the game is fairly low. One good thing about the game is the bet multiplier which is set at a very decent 2. The game also has a heat constant of 8000.

The game's business reasons:

  • To increase the table game's portfolio
  • To close the gap that is created between poker type players and normal casino type players
  • To increase the amount of games that MGS has a patent for

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