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MasterCard is one of the most used credit cards in the world. It is accepted by businesses worldwide, and it is carried by potential customers worldwide as well. The company offers iron-clad security and an additional layer of protection between the customer and potential wrongdoers. In short, it is a perfect selection for many players to fund their online casino accounts, offering them peace of mind when dealing with offshore businesses.

Funding Your Casino Account

MasterCard credit and debit cards work in the same way, making it very easy to fund casino accounts. Credit and debit cards both have spending limit caps placed on them, thereby limiting the amount of money that a player may spend at a casino in a day. If there is excessive use on an account, the issuing bank will contact the card owner and make sure that the purchases are being done by them and that they have authorized all purchases, offering yet another layer of safety against fraud and, potentially, a safety against self-destructive behaviors on the part of the player too.

Levels of Security

Financial institutions who issue credit cards, for the most part, advise against the use of credit cards for online transactions. Modern financial institutions have numerous layers of credit card security, protecting the cardholder from inappropriate card activity and from identity theft. By using the card for online purchases the cardholder is disregarding one of their warnings, but there are many other layers of “real” security in place.

Credit cards may be deactivated with a simple telephone call to the institution and inappropriate are often not the responsibility of the cardholder. This offers cardholders a level of security in that, should the card number fall into the wrong hands, it can be terminated immediately.

Additionally, MasterCard has recently added another level of security specifically for online users. This new feature is the SecureCode. It is registered by the cardholder with their financial institution, and it works much like a PIN number on a debit card – it must be entered in order to complete online transactions.

Credit Card Fees

Financial institutions charge MasterCard fees, so they vary tremendously from issuing bank to issuing bank. Periodically, usually as a promotion for another banking product, some institutions will even offer MasterCards with no service fees attached. MasterCard has been the topic of much discussion and criticism in recent years, pertaining to their fee structure, but this pertains mainly to the use of the card in European stores and the conversion of European currencies to the billing currency.


If MasterCard is known for one single feature, it is their stellar customer support. Around the clock, fast and knowledgeable customer service is available from MasterCard.

For Players in the USA

New laws in the US have made it progressively more difficult to create accounts with casinos located outside America’s national borders. Fortunately, MasterCard is one of the few options still available to those players, as the MasterCard company handles the tracking of the funds. Some of the larger banking institutions have specifically placed restrictions on their MasterCards, restricting their use at casino sites. Ultimately it is hit-and-miss, whether your MasterCard will work at a given casino. Most of the casino sites accept MasterCard, but your transaction, of course, is completely dependent upon whether the card successfully runs at the site you choose.

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