>Pontoon is the traditional blackjack of the United Kingdom. This is not your regular blackjack game. Pontoon also has its own rules and terms but you don’t have to be a Brit to enjoy the game of Pontoon. You can enjoy Pontoon online at on of the best casino brands, Lucky Red Casino. Download Pontoon now, learn the basics of Pontoon and play!

Pontoon 101

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games today, but if you’re going to play Pontoon, you need to refresh your knowledge about blackjack. Although Pontoon is blackjack, it means a whole different thing.

In the game of pontoon, you need to use the term “twist”, instead of “hit” if you want to change the cards on hand. If you want to hold on to your cards, you must say “stick” instead of “stand”. When a player says “buying”, he makes his bet twice larger by asking for another card. The strongest hand in the game is an ace and other ten-value card. Remember, this is not your regular blackjack game.

When playing Pontoon, you’ll be dealing with an 8-card deck. The dealer’s cards are given facing down down, and the player pays two to one, which is better than the standard blackjack’s three to two. In Pontoon, the dealer must twist if he has a hand value of 16, and he must stick if he has a hand value of 17. On the other hand, the player must twist if he has a hand value of 14, but if he has a hand value of 15 or more, the decision of sticking solely depends on him. The hand of an ace and 10 is considered as the “pontoon”.

The Pros and Cons of Pontoon

Pontoon has something for everyone. The game has a 2 to 1 payout for a five-card trick. The player is also allowed to make a buy of three or four cards during the session and a player can win with a simple combination of an ace and a 10, the pontoon.

Pontoon is definitely a great game, but it also has its downside. The main drawback of pontoon is the mere fact that both cards of the dealer are dealt face down. Players will have a difficult time in making the best decision since they have no inclination as to what the dealer is holding. One other drawback is that all wins goes to the dealer.

Generally, Pontoon is not such a bad game. Some rules may not apply to you but some also do. We cannot say that pontoon is much better than the regular game of blackjack. The option depends on you. Choose the game that suits you best.