The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist is a classic 3-reel video slot that presents itself exactly like one of those old one armed bandits, right down to the big silver lever on the side. It's a bit schizophrenic because while it seems to be presented from the perspective of a bunch of cops trying to stop the robbers from stealing everything in the safe, the biggest payout is awarded for actually cracking the safe.

Perhaps, then, the point is that you're playing the part of a bent cop?

Either way, the game is fast and fun, with plenty of exciting imagery and sound effects, and it has great features built in that actually reward you for spending time with it.

We Play It According To Plan

In most respects, this game works as you would expect a three reel video slot to. The center line is the only one that matters, and as a result you need to get images to line up on it - there are no diagonals supported here.

The upside of this is that it's a very simple game to play because you don't need to be worrying about where else you could be winning - just focus your attention in the middle of the screen.

The game accepts coin sizes between 1c and $5, with maximum winnings possible only by playing 3 coins at a time. This means that regardless of which coin size you pick, you're best off playing three at a time because of how much more you could win.

Watch Out for the Fuzz

Most of the graphics in the game are paraphernalia associated with the police. The easiest win is on a single 9 millimeter hand gun, with bigger wins if you get more than one on the line. After that, you'll want to keep your eyes open for a pair of 70's cop shades.

The next most valuable symbol is a cup of take away coffee, followed by a doughnut (see why this is cop themed?), and finally the sheriff's badge.

The Bonus Payoff

The top money in this game actually doesn't come from the cop imagery at all. Every now and then you'll see an image representing the dial of a safe. Now, when it lands on the center line, even if there's only one of it, a little counter at the side of the screen goes up by one. When it hits 50, you crack the safe and win a random prize of coins.

But if, at any time, three safe dials land on the center pay line at once, then you instantly win the random amount, but at a multiple of 10!

Where the Heist is Going Down

If you'd like to try your hand at cracking the safe, visit Bovada Casino, where you will find The Big Heist just waiting to be taken on, plus a whole ranger of other fantastic games.