Age to Gamble Online

For some gambling is an ageless recreation but it still has to have some controls and for this reason and of course the fear of compulsive behavior by minors there are restrictions on the legal age to gamble online.

Age Restrictions Prevent Younger People Getting Carried Away

Gambling is an age old pastime that you can find in every walk of life, whether it was the Roman soldiers who threw their bones and betted on the outcome of where they would land or the Chinese soldiers who chose different characters on a board as a form of lottery which led to the now famous game of Keno. Because of the wide spread acceptance and of course active participation that there is in gambling, many governing bodies felt it was important to impose restrictions. The feeling was and still is that if a younger person starts gambling he can get carried away and ends up with enormous debt or associated debt if he has been forging his details. And even if, for some reason a younger person does manage to start gambling online despite the age restrictions, he will be acutely aware of the illegal nature of his actions and hopefully his play will be curbed or stopped as soon as possible. Gambling is a great sport and pastime but in excess it can cause great damage, not just financially but also emotionally and in younger players this can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Secure and Safe Age Checking Systems

Many online casinos use strict age verification processes to ensure that the players are at least 21 years of age, these verification processes involve checking the ages of the players by credit card applications and their identification numbers and sometimes even bank accounts. All details which are required to check online age requirements are carried out in the most secure and safe manner so there is no worry of information being passed on to others or fraudsters getting hold of it. Many avid gamblers argued in America over a decade ago that if 18 year old soldiers are old enough to die in Vietnam then they are also old enough to gamble whether at land based casinos or online casinos. Having said that because the legal age for drinking is 21 in America, the legal age for gamble was also put up to 21 despite certain bodies still trying to fight it.

Play for Fun but don’t play if you are Under the Limit

Many casino players who are under the legal age for online gambling are still able to play for fun many of the real deal slots like Deal or no Deal Slots or Tomb Raider Slots and other bonus slot machine games but because of the strict age restrictions, they are not able to actually place real money bets. There are plenty of websites where any age player can download or play directly from a web browser any of the popular slots and other games for fun but when it comes to real money gambling the strict and enforced age restrictions must and do apply. A good online casino is one that will uphold its age restrictions and of course check them at the same time, it is a casino that belongs to a responsible gaming organization and allows itself to be checked on a regular basis by outside bodies to make sure that age restrictions are enforced amongst other things. Playing online games is great but one must always remember not to get carried away and for this you do need a certain amount of maturity hence the importance of the online age requirements.