Bonus Poker Slots

If you love playing video poker and slot machines, then the bonus poker slots have been created specifically for you. This poker slot game is a cross section between slot machine and video poker.

The game is very exciting to play and there are certain procedures you would have to know so that you are able to win great in this game. If you have played slot machines before and also played video poker then this will definitely be an added advantage which will place you ahead of the game.

In a couple of seconds you will be playing the game and winning big. If you need to know how this game is played then I would edge you to first get to know how video poker is played. Knowing how to play video poker is fun and easy. There are several articles online that will provide you all the necessary information that you would want to know regarding on how video poker is played.

The bonus poker slot is similar to jacks or better and it offers high payouts on certain combinations. The payout table is shown bellow.

Jacks Or Better1
Two Pair2
3 Of a Kind3
Full House9
4 5s - Kings25
4 2s - 4s40
Straight Flush50
4 Aces80
Royal Flush250