Slot Machines

Bodog, Silver Dollar Casino, Crazy Slots Casino, English Harbour Casino—they offer some of the best online slot machines. Win cash, free spins and even jackpots playing online slots. Players love slot machines because with just one spin of the reel, you can walk away with thousands of dollars. Progressive slot games make it possible to walk away a millionaire.

The growing popularity of slot machines is undeniable. Today's game designers are creating slot machines that you play on your computer or even on your mobile device. The possibilities are endless.

Picking the Most Profitable Slot Machine

When choosing an online slot machine, you'll stand a better chance of winning if you can find the slots payout information. The closer the slots payout is to 100 percent, the more you stand to win from that machine. Keep in mind that penny slots to $1 slots usually have a lower payout percentage than slots allowing you to bet up to $5. try out some of the most popular penny slots: Dr. M. Brace Slots , Captain America Slots , La Cucaracha Slots , Hurdy Gurdy Slots , Area 21 Slots , Around the World Online Slots , Lady in Red Slots , The Rat Pack Slots , The Shark Slots.

In 2009, Certified Fair Gambling reported the payout percentage for Go Casino's online slots was 94.613 percent. Online casinos are required to report this information, so feel free to ask them before you sign up to play.

Types of Slot Machines

Most slot games have three, five or seven reels. Three-reel slots are usually basic and great for beginners. Most three-reel slots have one payline, meaning there is one specific line where you must get the right combination of symbols.

When you get into the five-reel slots like: Deal or No Deal Slots , Cleopatra Slots, Admiral Games Machine, or Cherry Slots online you begin to tap into the i-slots and bonus slots that provide interactive mini-games to boost your winnings. Five-reel slots have multiple paylines making it easy to win multiple ways. The patterns for winning lines are provided on the screen or in the helpful Pay Table that is always available by clicking the appropriate button.

Progressive slots are popular because the winnings are tremendous. With the right symbols, you can walk away with a load of money. Progressive slot jackpots build up money in the jackpot account every time some one spins the reel. The more people playing that specific slot, the higher the jackpot prize grows.

U.S. Friendly Online Slot Machines

Finding online casinos that accept U.S. players isn't as difficult as in the past. Crazy Slots Casino, Grand Vegas Casino, Online Vegas Casino, Go Casino are a handful of options. Enjoy games like Crazy Cherry slots online and other favorites.

Be sure to look for generous Welcome Bonuses. Crazy Slots Casino offers up to $12,500 in deposit bonuses, one of the biggest bonus rewards out there. Bodog Casino allows players to play free practice slot games to help them master their skills before risking their own money.

Unfortunately English Harbour Casino,Slots Galore and VIP Slots Casino have been closed 16.05.2011!