Hot Drop Jackpots

Hot Drop Jackpots are a fun way to get more money from a casino that is welcoming you inside to have a great time. Usually, there are fun themes and games that the casinos bring up from time to time. When it comes to leaving hot and grabbing the cash, this latest one from Bovada casino has you coming in and collecting.

It's known as the Hot Drop Jackpots, and it has everyone wanting to spin and win. Learn more about these hot jackpots and how you can benefit when you start playing them.

What are These Hot Drop Jackpots?

The Hot Drop Jackpots are available at Bovada Casino, and they offer the same function as those traditional online slots. They just introduce three new types of jackpots, all of these have to drop, and if they do, you get the chance to win some of the largest sums of money out there.

You still win the standard amounts of money that you would win when you spin the reels. You are able to walk away with the cash when you play, because it is the same type of regular gameplay - just with the potential to win some of the biggest earnings.

What is Available

If you're considering playing Hot Drop Jackpots, then you can take advantage of three different jackpots. These jackpots have to be won before they meet their amount or time limit. Here are the three Hot Drop Jackpots you have a chance to win:

Hourly Jackpot

This is timed based, and it has to drop before it reaches the end of an hour. Usually, the average of the amount that can be won with this is $1,000.

Daily Jackpot

The daily jackpot is also time based. However, you have until the end of the day for the jackpot to drop. This is usually around $25,000 every day.

Super Jackpot

The super jackpot is amount-based. It is one that increases with time and continues to climb until it is won. The max limit on this is usually around $250,000.

Within the casino when you sign in, you can check the values of all of these jackpots when you want to be a part of it. Once the time-based jackpots are won, they are locked for the next hour or the day. If it is locked, there will be a padlock icon by the jackpot to show it has been won and locked. Once the super jackpot is won, it immediately is back open and collects money for the next winner to receive.

The best part is that you have a higher likelihood of winning any of these bonuses when they're close to their limits, so make sure to keep an eye out and check for yourself on when you should be playing the Jot Drop Jackpots.

What Hot Drop Jackpot Games Can You Play?

You can choose to play from three different slot games depending on what you want to get back from them. You can enjoy the fun and games that come from these three slots that are promoting the Hot Drop Jackpots.

Golden Buffalo

777 Deluxe

A Night with Cleo

However, these are just to start. There are set to be much more to choose from when you want the best game to play. You can check back at Bovada for the newest, latest, and upcoming games you can play for these jackpots.

You just need to join Bovada Casino to take advantage of the Hot Drop Jackpots. You can take advantage of the many benefits that come from the use of this casino and the extras they offer to their players who want to sign up for more. Check them out today to get much more from what they have to offer.