Butterflies Slots

Butterflies Slots
If you love your garden, a slot game that you might enjoy trying out is Vegas Technology’s latest, Butterflies. The images are those of gardens, butterflies, caterpillars and cocoons, lending a pastoral air to the game.

Exciting Butterflies?

Despite the pastoral setting of this game, under the skin Butterflies is pure Vegas Tech. Exceptional graphics and an easy to use player interface make sure that you will be spinning the reels immediately.

Butterfly Symbols

Butterflies uses, unsurprisingly, Butterflies as symbols on the game. Also there are Houses, Flowers, Mushrooms and card indices from nine through Ace. The House serves as the wild card, replacing any symbol in any combination with the exception of the Scatter. The Scatter symbol is the Flower.

Butterfly Bonus

In essence, Butterflies is a very traditional slot game. There are no free spins to be won, and there is no bonus game to be played. So, what do you do with these scatter symbols? You win an extra butterfly that can potentially win players the big jackpot.

For those of us who are fans of modern video slots, this bonus is something of a letdown. It is true, it raises the maximum potential winnings, which is invariably a good thing, but there is no instant gratification. And, realistically, instant gratification is what slot games are all about.

Butterfly Values

As with all the current slot games, the player may determine the coin values on Butterflies. Coin values range from 1¢ all the way to $10. This being a five reel, twenty-five payline machine, that means that the maximum bet can range from 25¢ all the way to $250 per spin, making this game suitable for all tastes. The maximum payout with the extra butterflies in play is a rich 7000 coins, which translates to $70,000 for the high rollers who are risking $250 per play.

Butterfly Sounds

This game is set in a pastoral, magical forest environment. We would have liked to hear some sounds that reinforce that to some extent, but, instead, this game has the very standard casino slot machine sound with no music or anything to build the illusion of the forest.

Butterflies, in Short

We have strangely mixed feelings about this game. If anyone but Vegas Tech had built it, it would be one of the best games ever made. Generous payouts and great looking graphics are real Vegas Tech standouts. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball by including card indices, by not including any sort of “real” play bonus and by not developing any sound support for this otherwise very sweet little game. Nonetheless, it is certainly a game worth playing, especially for aficionados of traditional slot games.

Play Butterflies Tonight!

Get your most comfortable chair ready with some snacks and a lovely beverage and head on over to our favorite online casinos accepting us players tonight, like LibertySlots Casino, ( unfortunately Crazy Slots Casino, silver dollar casino, Millionaire Casino were was possible to play this game are closed!), and give Butterflies a try. Despite its shortcomings, it is a strangely addictive game, and you will be glad that you did.