Betus Casino

Betus Casino is mostly for those who want to do some sports betting, some Sportsbook playing, and more. With a casino specializing in this, those looking to do more with sports can benefit from it. The casino has other options such as live betting and tables you can play on, so you don't just have to stick with the sports betting if you don't want to.

As part of the Madden set of games and the sports that go along with them, you can find that many of your favorite sports are being offered inside. Find out more about the sportsbook at Betus Casino to see if this is the online casino and sportsbook you can be a part of.

Background Information on Betus

A veteran in the business, they started around 1994. This is always an ideal way to spend some time in one of the market's older options. They have experience in the industry, there is quite a lot of information about this casino out there. This means you know you're getting the best information, and they are still providing quality services.

You can find the best possible way to spend some time checking out this casino with many of the major sports you can bet on. When putting cash on the table, know that they offer so much more to the players as a veteran. They want to keep you around!

Playing Specs

There are a number of playing specs to keep in mind when choosing how and where to play. Those who are signing up with the casino will have all of the options available to them.

You can download the interface that opens all of the games and extras that players can use. This can take some space up on the computer and it is not recommended for those who are using public computers to not download this on them. Very little specs are needed on the computer to run the casino.

Flash is also offered for those who want to open up a web page and play right on the web without downloading anything to a computer. This is an excellent option for when you are in a public place. You just need the Flash Player to play on this option.

Tablet and smartphone devices are available to be used for those who want to play while on the go. You can download the casino app to these devices and then use them and play the games wherever you go, whenever you go. This is a great thing when you are constantly moving or leaving, and you want to bring the games along with you.

The Games You Find Inside

There are several games you can make use of when you sign up with this casino. You want to get the best and most from the time you spend inside. This can be done when choosing to play at a casino that has a decent selection.

BetUS is known for its sports betting section that is amplified with many sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and more. Still, they also have a section devoted to playing slots and table games when inside an online casino.

These are the more popular slot games you can expect to find inside the BetUS online casino.

Five Reel Fruity Fortune Slots

If you want to do a little bit with fruit, then this is where you want to find yourself searching through the endless options of fruit on the reel. You can land on those who will pay out the highest amount or just those giving the fun bonus rounds. Whatever you do, the bright colors and crisp graphics make this slot stand out from the others.

Landmark Slots

Landmark Slots is one of the best slots out there that gives a decent payout when you need and want it the most. You can find that the slots have the best outcome when you spin to win and see where you land. The landmarks will show you the way. You have to make sure to follow them.

Kingdom Slots

The Kingdom awaits you. Whether you are royalty or just working to make it to the top, this game has a bit of everything that will offer excitement around every corner. Never have to worry about not taking the gold and walking away with the treasure chest in the end. You can do just that with the Kingdom Slots.

Banking Options Offered

You can be aware of several banking options when it comes to being a part of BetUS. With the options they have, you can feel comfortable and safe when using the withdrawal or deposit feature on the online casino website. Encrypted for your protection, you can find that these options are ideal for anyone who wants to protect their financial and personal information.

Here are the most common banking options offered for depositing and withdrawing money from their player account.

Mastercard and Visa Bitcoin Skrill Bank Transfer

There are limits on these for both putting and taking money out of your player account. You can generally deposit up to $5,000 in your account. However, taking out money might provide lower amounts. Deposits are immediate, and withdrawals can take up to a week to have cleared and added to the account you choose.

Promotions and Bonuses

Bonus cash is a big part of playing in an online casino. G the best outcome from the promotions and bonuses that the casino offers. They are offering a number of options depending on what you are coming into the casino to play. Make sure to check them out. Check the emails that you get, along with the Promotions tab on the website for the casino. They are always changing and offering new ones.

Get up to $100 in free chips when you wager a decent amount in many sports betting tables. This is automatically added back into your account once you make the wager.

Get up to 10% back in cash when you are one that plays the slots You want to make sure that you are getting something back in return.

Get a match bonus when it comes to grabbing an account with them. From there, they will match a specific amount that you deposit into your account. This gives you extra cash to play with as a new player in the account.

Signing Up with Betus Casino

Sign up with the BetUS Casino when you click on the JOIN button at the website's top right-hand corner. You can find that you are signing up with a quality casino offering the best for the player. Once you click the JOIN button, you are brought to a sheet to fill out your personal information. Fill it in to make your account happen.

It is easy to do, and you can then put your financial information into the banking section of the website to make deposits or get withdrawals of the money you have won.

Customer Service Support

Customer Service is one of the best and most important things to look into before signing up with a casino. Choose the best casino to work with based on this. The customer service team for this casino is one of the best. They are knowledgeable and helpful and can provide more insight and answers to your questions for the casino.

With several options to choose from, you have the ability to go with the one you feel the most comfortable with.

The Live Chat option provides you with a way to instantly get a hold of someone. This is done right inside the casino. Those who want to contact the casino through the email option can do so. You need to contact support at They try to get back to those who email them within 48 hours of contacting them. There is also a toll-free number that you can call and speak directly with someone if that is what you prefer. The number is 1-888-512-3887. Those working in this area are knowledgeable and helpful with all that they do.

If you are ready to take the next step, now is the time to get more from BetUS. Whether you are in a sporting betting mood or any others, you can benefit from the casino and the extras. This casino has everything you need and so much more for you to use.