Casino Slots - Types and where to play online

There are many different types of casino slot machines available online, most of which have been brought online from the offline casinos where they were originally created. Slot machines in many ways have a natural affinity for the online casino realm, simply because creating electronic representations of the offline slot machines is very easy to do. While the other online casino games such as blackjack and roulette are also very popular, slot machines are the most popular game in the online realm. In this sense, online casinos are different from their offline counterparts, where table games are more popular than slot machines.

Types of Slot Machines

There are a number of different slot machines available in the online world. Slot machines can be conventional in nature, which means that they look like the fruit machines of a few decades ago. In addition to this, slot machines can be video slot machines, which means they have a much more modern design on them and graphical quality that is much higher.

One way to designate different slot machines from each other is through the use of the reels that they carry. A reel is the vertical wheel on a slot machine, so the typical slot machine that you see in the movies would be a three reel slot machine just like all conventional slot machines. Video slot machines however can have five reels, seven reels or even nine reels depending on who designed them and what their purpose was.

In addition to reels, pay lines are also worthwhile to note. A pay line is the line along which a winning combination of symbols is paid. Conventional slot machines have one pay line, whereas modern video slot machines can have thirty or more pay lines. In addition to pay lines, modern slot machines carry wild card symbols which can substitute in for other symbols in order to create more ways to win.

Finally, many slot machines also have jackpots attached to them. These jackpots take the place of the top prize on the slot machine and for that reason are great ways for you to win massive amounts of money. The longer time goes without a jackpot, the larger the jackpot gets. Machines that operate with these jackpots on them are known as progressive slot machines. Progressive slot machines can be conventional or video and can have any of the characteristics mentioned in the three previous paragraphs.

Examples of Online Slot Machines

Two slot machines of long standing popularity in the online casino world are Cleopatra Slots and The Reel Deal. Both of these slot machines have been around for years and both of them have been given awards for excellence in online gaming. A combination of favorable factors from the above paragraphs and great themes and symbol art have allowed this to be so. A newer example of a high quality slot machine is Independence Day, which is a slot machine that was just released in celebration of the American holiday on July 4th.