Today it's tough finding a good quality sportsbook to play at. There are literally dozens of different options to pick from, and each one looks promising in its own way. Unfortunately, many of the sportsbooks fall short either in terms of game selection, bet quality or just the features offered. That's why we take our job as sportsbook reviewers so seriously and we look very closely at each sportsbook option available. Intertops is a name-brand in the industry of online sportsbooks, so we had to create a user-review of the online betting site. Below we'll go over the game selection, the promotions on offer, the different betting features and more that we like about this site. Keep reading to find out if Intertops should be your next online sportsbook destination or not.


Players at Intertops have quite a few different promotional offers to take advantage of. They can get free bets on popular sporting events at the time, such as the World Cup or the Superbowl. There are also additional special wager options for things like Parlays. Always look closely at the different wager options available when joining the sportsbook or before placing a wager with the sportsbook. It won't take long to see some special offers that appeal to you, and that can make your experience better overall.

Sports Selection

When looking for a sportsbook to wager at, one of the most important considerations by far is what sort of sports are covered by the site. Intertops is a big name sportsbook and offers coverage for most of the different sporting events. Whether you are a fan of baseball, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, football, soccer, boxing, cricket, golf or another common sporting event, it's likely that there is coverage for it at Intertops. With so many different sports covered by the online site, it's simple to place wagers on the events that mean the most to you. The different specials are constantly shifting and being offered at certain times of the year, so take some time to get to know them, and make sure that you're making the most of each sporting event that's available to you.

Banking Options

Intertops strives to offer a wide selection of banking options to players, which is obvious the first time that ou want to make a deposit into the casino. There are literally more than one dozen options to pick from, all of which are designed for simplicity. You can complete a direct bank transfer to move money around. You can go through a few different eWallet transactions to get money where you need it to be. You are free to use cryptocurrency methods like Bitcoin and Litecoin to move money around, or you can use credit or debit cards to complete transactions. Between one of these four different types of methods you should be able to find something that works for you and something that you are pretty comfortable with. That's why we enjoyed the signup process with the casino and why most new gamblers shouldn't have a problem becoming members of Intertops.

Customer Support

While using a site like Intertops should be pretty simple, you're bound to have questions or maybe even some trouble now and then. That's where customer support comes into play. At Intertops there are a few different ways to reach out and get help if you run into problems. The first, and by far our favorite option is live chat. Clicking the live chat button will open up a chat window that connects you with real live chat experts that will answer the questions you have in a messenger chat window on your device. The experts will talk to you in real time and offer help.

Live Wagering

While placing wagers on sporting events before they occur is a lot of fun and can really enhance the experience while you watch the game, Intertops takes things a step further and allows you to place wagers while watching the matches themselves. That means that you can actually load up the casino site and place wagers in real time as you are watching a game unfold before your eyes. Just image making wagers on upcoming plays or score changes while sitting in the pub or local sports bar. It helps keep you interested in the game, and gives you additional ways that you can profit while you watch a match. There are few other sportsbooks quite as interactive, which makes Intertops a lot of fun to be a member of.

There is also a standard phone number for different countries, as well as a Skype call number for people all over the world to utilize for help. If that's not enough, it's possible to seek out help through a dedicated email address for the different parts of the casino and sportsbook as well. With all the different methods available, it isn't too difficult getting the help that you need while playing at Intertops.

Intertops is a full-featured online sportsbook that rewards players for becoming members nicely. With so many different promotions on offer regularly, and a good selection of sporting events to wager on, there's something for every sports gambler to enjoy. If you're more interested in casino games, you can enjoy table games live betting and more from the site as well. With the wide variety of features offered there is literally something for everyone to enjoy. Test out the sportsbook today and you're sure to find something about it that you enjoy while you play through one round after the next.