Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is the side bet of blackjack, mini baccarat and baccarat. This game is less complex that even a beginner can play and win the game. The main objective of this game is to create a Pairs on the first two cards. You can win if your first two cards are Pairs; however, you lose if you don't have a Pairs. On the other hand, Perfect Pairs in baccarat can either be made by the player's hand or the banker's hand. So what are you waiting for? Perfect Pairs is definitely your ideal match.

The Perks of Playing Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs was first used to persuade players from all levels. Players can enjoy the high turnovers and the utmost excitement. Perfect Pairs is definitely a simple game. You only need to make a bet, and the rules of the game are easy to understand. Since this is only a side bet for blackjack games, you only need to settle on the initial bet decided by the dealer. Hence, your blackjack deal will never be affected. This side bet is also not open to any card counting; plus, you have good frequency rates and high payout percentages. Perfect Pairs doesn't allow any unstable payouts unlike other side bets. Moreover, Perfect Pairs doesn't limit players to only a $1 bet. Players can bet up to a maximum so you can enjoy more prizes from your blackjack game.

Perfect Pairs definitely bring so much joy to players from all levels. It also adds a little spice to the game of blackjack. This game is definitely worthwhile.

How to Play Perfect Pairs

In playing Perfect Pairs, you need to learn and understand the basics of the game. There are three types of Pairs used in Perfect Pairs. The Mixed Pairs is composed of 1 red suited card and 1 black suited card. Colored Pairs is composed of two cards with different suits as long as these cards have the same color (either red or black). The Perfect Pairs, on the other hand, is an identical Pairs, for example 2 Five of Diamonds.

Payout odds in Perfect Pairs also vary. The most common payout odds are based on 6 and 8 deck cards. The Mixed Pairs has 6 to 1 payout odds, while the Colored Pairs has 12 to 1 payout odds. The Perfect Pairs, on the other hand, has 25 to 1 payout odds. Remember that Perfect Pairs is only a side bet of blackjack, so you need to make an additional bet. If you win, the bonus will be added to your account.