Control Your Bets At The One Arm Bandit Machine On

Everyone knows about the one arm bandit machine. This has been around since the early 19th century and it shows no signs of becoming any less popular than it has been for all those years. And as you might expect there are some fantastic one arm bandit machine games on Super Slots Casino.

Know your options

It is always important to know what you are doing and how to play the game before you start though, and luckily this site gives you all the information you could need on how to play.

Choose how much to bet

One of the key features of the one arm bandit machine here is that it enables you to choose how much you want to bet when you play the machine. For example, take a look at the Hook, Line and Sinker game. This gives you no less than four choices when it comes to placing a bet. You can bet anything from just five cents to five dollars depending on how lucky you are feeling, what your budget is and how much you want to put in.

Stay in control of your betting

This is a good feature for many players because it puts you in control of how you play the game. If you only want to stick to a small budget per game, it is good to know that playing with five cent bets each time will give you an impressive twenty bets for every dollar you put in. On the other hand if you have a bigger budget for the game – or you simply feel lucky on a certain play – you can go for five dollar bets instead.

This means the game is accessible to everyone and you can have a lot of fun playing it for real money without blowing your budget. Even a five cent play can result in a good payout if you manage to hit the right combination on the machine. You might then invest your winnings in a bigger bet the next time around. Alternatively you can keep them to enjoy another great game on the one arm bandit machine next time.

Are you ready to play the one arm bandit?

So you can see that the one arm bandit machine is set up to be as accessible as possible to everyone who loves playing this iconic game. No matter how rich your blood might be, you’ll find plenty to get excited about as you think about how much to bet on your next go of the machine.