Many gamblers in the United States don’t think that they can legally play online casino craps, but in reality there are a number of reputable online casinos that accept U.S. players for all of their games; including craps. If you love the joy of throwing the dice and the thrill of rolling a 7 or 11, then online craps might be for you! Check out a craps game at your favorite online casino today, or keep reading for more information about the most exciting game in any casino!

Craps Rules

Although it seems complicated, the game of craps is actually fairly easy to learn. Players need to remember a few simple things, and they’ll be ready to start rolling the dice! When a player joins a craps game, he or she is required to make a pass line bet, which is the wager placed in the area of the table marked “pass”. The player then throws the dice, bouncing them off of the opposite wall.

In traditional casino craps, the player is required to hold the dice in one hand only; online craps make observing the rules of the craps game easier. The shooter then proceeds to attempt to roll a 7 or 11 on the first roll. This is an immediate win and offers the best payout. If the player rolls a 2, 3, or 12, they’ll lose, or “crap” out. Rolling any other number establishes the point number, and if craps shooter rolls the point number before they roll a 7, they win!

The pass line bet is usually best for beginners, but more experienced craps players often choose to make an odds bet. The odds bet is an additional bet that is placed behind the pass line bet; this is only casino situation where the house doesn’t have an edge. Craps players making an odds bet are usually offered “double odds”, which means that a $5 pass line bet could be followed up with a $10 odds bet. Higher payouts and more thrilling rolls come with making the odds bet! There are several other types of more advanced bets that craps shooters can make.

Wondering how to be successful at craps? Learn the rules; if you’re playing the game in a traditional casino, remember to observe proper craps etiquette in order to remain in the game!

Craps Strategy

In the game of craps, strategy is just as important as luck. For example, one craps strategy that most players would recommend would be to always place the pass line bet on the come out roll. (The come out roll is the first roll in a new game of craps.) Many craps players agree that good strategy means avoiding the hardway bets, which involves rolling “hard” numbers, or doubles. For example, hardway bets are placed on the odds of a player rolling a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 with the combination of dice showing 1-1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, or 5-5. Some of the best craps strategy is learned through experience.

Best Craps Payouts

Ever wonder how to make money in craps? Players first must know the best bets on a craps table, which can be difficult with a huge number of possible wagers in any craps game. However, if you wish to play using excellent mathematical odds, stick with the Pass/Come bet or the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bet.

Craps Tournaments

Craps online tournaments are a great way for players to get their feet wet in this thrilling casino game without risking a great deal of money. Entry fees to play in an online craps tournament can range from free to hundreds of dollars; most players opt for something in between in order to keep the entertainment affordable. To win an online craps tournament, you must simply be the player with the most money on the board. Whichever way you choose to enjoy your online craps experience, just remember one thing: You have to play to win!