What Makes the Casino Work?

If you enjoy playing 3-reel, 5-reel, 7-reel, progressive, and bonus video slots; US players should head on over to Wager Gaming Technology Casinos. They have more than 100 online casino games that will rock your world!

Parlay Entertainment not only has over 50 games in its portfolio, but the new Parlay 5 as well. This highly popular game, open to US players, features 75 and 90 number bingo games.

With more than 170 games, Real Time Gaming has a myriad of high-paying jackpots and bonus rounds. This casino software is in a class by itself, which is why USA players love it! Formerly known as OddsOn, Rival Casinos is open to US players and offers fantastic multi-reel and multi-line I-slots with bonuses galore! Check out the new slot games at online Rival Casinos.

If you want fabulous bonuses,head on over 888 Holdings PLC! Along with free comps, prizes, and promotions for slot machines, poker ring games, tournaments, and bingo - you are sure to be among the top winners here.

Offering more than 140 games, Playtech software is known for its 3D graphics, first class audio, chats, bonus plans, and an all around fantastic gaming experience. Microgaming software tops the list when it comes to online casinos. With the largest network of poker rooms anywhere in the world, it has a portfolio of more than 300 games.

Net Entertainment offers CasinoModule, a casino platform already implemented in a number of online casinos and CasinoCafe, a one-of-a-kind product allowing small businesses to found their own casinos using computer terminals.

In the world of online casinos, Wizard Gaming is now set to replace Microgaming casinos, formerly open to USA players. This is welcome news because Wizard Gaming is totally focused on slot games only based on player feedback. Developed in 2006 and debuting in 2008, Wizard Gaming has already become the “talk of the town” as one of the leading software providers among all online gaming casinos.

You are a player. You log into a half dozen favorite online casinos on a regular basis, and they are the good ones. They are well managed, offer great customer support, they are easy to use and they look fantastic. But what makes them look so good and why are they easy to use? The secret to the presentation and the ease of use in any of the top casinos is the software that they choose to use. In short, if you have a great time or an awful time at an online casino, you can credit the software that the casino has chosen.

Creating the great casino experience what really sets the best casino software apart from the second-stringers. Besides the games and the graphics, the best casino software also offers language and chat features, downloadable software, often no-download software, play-for-fun software and, of course, the reason that we all come to the casino, play for real software.

Language and Chat features are fundamental to the online casino experience. The big casinos are hosting players from all over the world, and they are often based offshore, so the ability to communicate with players in as many languages as possible is fundamental to good quality customer service. The Chat feature is two-fold in value: First, at many table games, players are able to chat with one another, and, secondly, the chat feature offers a readily accessible form of customer support to players with questions.

Downloadable casino software creates a uniform package that makes a wide variety of individual games immediately available to the players. The player only needs to load the specific games that he or she is interested in, but the framework is present, so those subsequent downloads only take moments.

The flipside of the better casino software packages is the No-download software option. For players that are concerned about loading software from unfamiliar websites, or for computers that have limited available memory, the No-download option allows play without loading any information on the player’s computer. Great graphics are still present, as are complex and interesting games, but without the need to load any software on the user’s end.

Play-for-Fun casino software is a way to try out casino games with zero risk to the player’s stake. You establish your registration ID, fund your account with imaginary money, and start playing with the big boys. The full casino experience is available with the same graphics, the same games and the same interaction, but without the money.

Finally, Play-for-real casino software is what we all show up for. This is the live play with the security protocols allowing access to your online funds and the genuine excitement that only comes when there is something to be won and lost on the line.

There are certain similarities between the top casinos, and for good reason. The characteristics that make a top casino are uniform: high levels of security and customer service, an easy to use gaming platform, interesting and constantly updated games, and simple, inexpensive and reliable banking options. All of the top online casinos have these things, no matter which Internet gaming platform they choose to use. When shopping for your first casino or your tenth, you cannot go wrong if you stay with one of the top casinos.