CryptoLogicAs the producer of some of the most popular online casino games, CryptoLogic and its subsidiary, WaterLogic is a casino platform that is in demand. They are a publicly traded company based in Canada, and they have been part of the online gaming boom since 1995. Something that you can rely on when you see the CryptoLogic name is that you will be experiencing the technological cutting edge in online gaming.

The Casinos

CryptoLogic casinos adhere to the highest standards of security, fair gaming and the most current technology, making them among the very best that you will find. They offer fast payouts and great bonuses and, in short, everything that a serious online gamer could want.

Safe and responsible gambling practices: This is the mantra of CryptoLogic casinos. They have regular auditing of their games by neutral, outside auditors, ensuring that their payout percentages are as expected and fair gaming certification ensuring players that the games they are playing are on the square. In addition to game auditing, CryptoLogic maintains openness of their management practices by subjecting their management team to regular probity checks, making sure that there is no perception of untoward gambling practices whatsoever. As a publicly traded company, they are responsible not only to players and casinos, but also to shareholders in the company, and, as a result, they maintain the highest standards in their products, and they occupy a truly dominant position in the casino software business.

Licensed by the authorities in the Isle of Mann in the British Isles, they are one of the very few casino software companies required to meet government implemented standards, the same as land-based, brick-and-mortar casinos.

Leveraging this dominant position, they are able to offer stellar bonuses, setting industry-wide standards with a wide variety of sign-up and matching bonuses. They also host many of the top progressive jackpot games, with numerous winners of jackpots in the millions of dollars.

All of these checks and double-checks assure that CryptoLogic casinos maintain the highest levels of honesty and security in online gaming. They treat the players’ identity and wallet with the greatest of care, freeing the players from concern and allowing the full joy of the exciting online casino experience.


CryptoLogic is attractive to a wide variety of players, offering everything from simple three reel slot machines, jackpot slot machines, to complex video slots, card, table and specialty games. The games start with simple penny games and they go up to multi-line dollar slots, and high dollar tables. Truly, CryptoLogic caters to all levels of online gaming aficionado.

Supporting their reputation for variety of online casino games, CryptoLogic’s development spends a huge amount of time focusing on developing the latest and hottest casino games. They range from the very traditional, such as Blackjack and Roulette and traditional slots, to the really high-tech, such as Call of Duty IV, which is targeted at the video game generation. These high-tech versions of slot machine games offer adventures and graphics to hold the attention of the most avid of X-Box players.

Their multi-player Bingo game is an award winner, allowing players to interact directly with one another in live chat. Additionally, CryptoLogic entices the computer savvy with games like Cubis Slots and Bejewelled Slots , both based on computer games.

The CryptoLogic Poker Room is unique in that it is set up as a single big room with multiple tables. Each table offers its own game and table rules, so you can choose your seat and begin to play.

Getting Your Money

CryptoLogic’s high sense of security, of course, extends to their banking practices. That, however, does not mean that you have to wait for your payouts – CryptoLogic casinos are particularly known for fast payouts. You have the option of using escrow services such as Neteller or get a traditional wire transfer to your bank account. Optionally, you can take your payout in the form of a debit card such as a Visa or a Mastercard.

With CryptoLogic’s high payouts, you will need to make regular withdrawals from your play account!

The Short Form

CryptoLogic is a great online casino platform. They offer unparalleled standards of security and they continually redefine what the cutting edge in casino game technology is. When you are shopping for your online casino, do not miss the CryptoLogic offerings.

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