Daredevil Slots

If you love the old style of Marvel comic book heroes you will definitely want to check out Daredevil slots. This game, all based on the comic book hero who lost his sight but went to develop his other senses to a heightened level, features symbols that are in theme with the original comic series, with a few added bonuses and twists along the way.

The Game

The nuts and bolts of this progressive five reel slot are similar to most other five reel games. There are nine different paylines possible with Daredevil slots and the player can choose to bet some or all of the lines. Max bet options are also possible to have all the paylines covered each and every spin. As with any progressive, the more people playing and betting the bigger the jackpots will be, so it is always recommended to bet the maximum lines if your budget will allow.

Features And Bonus Games

This game offers several different player extras including the wild symbol and multiplier symbol of the Daredevil. When these symbols show on reels two and four the spin winnings are doubled and the Daredevil serves as a wild symbol to complete the payout. The scatter symbol on any two reels in any location triggers a win and the match bonus game is triggered when three Daredevil logo symbols or more appear anywhere on the five reels. While free spins aren't a bonus on this game, the other extra winning chances make up the difference. Bonus games are a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from the traditional slot machine bonus games. From blacked out reels you select different squares until you hit three matching villain symbols. The number of squares you collected and the villain type you match determines your winnings in that bonus game.

Action Packed Spins

With five reels of colorful crime fighting symbols it is entertaining as well as eye catching to play. Like most of the new styles of online slot games, Daredevil slots has video animations that pop onto the reels when you match particular symbols in a combination.


For those that want a chance of winning big, Daredevil slots offers three different random types of jackpots. These include the Marvel, Super Hero and Hero jackpots. Just playing the game makes you eligible, but again the more you are wagering the bigger your jackpot winnings will be.