Skrill Online Money

Moneybookers as you know it has been renamed to Skrill simply because the name just makes more sense. Skrill is a term used by the British for money. So money is Skrill and Skrill is Moneybookers. Because while Moneybookers was one thing, Skrill is so much more. Skrill is not a bank, it is simply a holding account for funds. Skrill is the go-between for online vendors and traditional banks. Skrill bridges the gap between your money and the internet and in doing so; it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for purchasing online and also for selling online. Skrill is international money. The global market has just become a very busy place.

How to use Skrill and where to use it...

Skrill can be used for personal or business use but the best way to use Skrill is on the internet. It makes buying online easier and more secure as it is specifically designed for this purpose. But this is not to say that you need to trade in your traditional check account. Now you can link the two, using funds from your check account via Skrill to make a purchase or when winnings are paid into your Skrill account from an online casino they can be transferred into your credit card or check account. So the two accounts work hand in hand and complement each other.

For those with a love of gaming, this is good news! Online casinos have long been fraught with legalities around online purchases. Skrill makes it simple to purchase, it is safer and the issues are eliminated. Now you can make an instant deposit into your casino account. When your winnings are due they are available the moment the casino clears them and you can instantly download them into your own personal account or spend it with your debit card.

What makes Skrill different?

Banking charges are accepted as the norm but have you ever had a virtual bank account where you are rewarded for using it? Have you ever received a bonus? Well not only does Skrill have some of their own promotions while many of the casinos accepting Skrill offer extra special incentives for using Skrill. Skrill is not only easy for you, but easy for the online merchants as well. While you take the hassle out of their admin by using this preferred online wallet, they can hand down the savings to you.

The ins and outs of signing up

Besides a valid physical address you need a valid email address. The email address is instantly verified while you will more than likely still be asked to verify your physical address. This is fast becoming the norm and is only a sign of increased security. Adding a debit card or any other changes can be done at a later stage. For now, just get the account open. This is your key to online and international money where currency exchanges are automatically done. Skrill, the new money solution is your ticket to ride.