Eagle’s Wings Slots

Every slots player wants to go for dynamic and exciting slots games, just like the kind you find at Bodog slots. You’ll certainly find plenty to appreciate in the Eagle’s Wings video slots. So if you fancy a change among the casinos accepting US players, make sure you download and play Eagle’s Wings today.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This game has five reels in play and a massive twenty five different paylines. You’ll certainly have your choice of amazing betting options to choose from.

Are there any notable symbols to watch out for?

Yes there are plenty of symbols that will make you think of North America. There is a wild symbol that is used in stacked formation. This is a great winner if it lands on more than one line in particular.

In addition you’ll spot an eagle, a jumping salmon and a chick in its nest. There is a great attention to detail as well.

What are the minimum and maximum bets you can wager?

This game is based on coins and you have five different coin amounts to choose from. These are 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 cents apiece. You can choose from one to twenty five lines with one to five coins on each.

As a result, the minimum bet assuming you wager money on all the lines would be 25 cents. The top price would be $31.25 with the highest coin value.

Is there a bonus round to look for?

Yes and you need to watch for the Lucky Eagle golden coins to trigger it! The golden coins have an eagle’s head on them together with the word ‘bonus’ underneath. If you get three of these appearing on the screen you will be prompted to pick one of the coins. This will reveal a number of free spins and you can then continue to play for a while completely free of charge!

The other advantage of playing with the free spins is that any prizes you win will be worth triple their normal value.

Download and play Eagle’s Wings video slots now!

This game is sensational and packs in some great opportunities to win amazing prizes. If you’re ready to try and win some amazing prizes you’ll get every chance to do so when you download and try out the Eagle’s Wings slots game at 32Red Casino, All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino. It’s great for every player!