eWalletXpress Casinos

For US players who wish to gamble online using eWalletXpress, there is a bad news. eWalletXpress is no longer accepts USA Players!

There are casinos accepting USA Players that we highly recommend:

eWalletXpress Accepts US Players

If you are a US player, opening an eWalletXpress casino account is quite easy. For example, if you decide to play slot games at Rushmore Casino, all you have to do is click on the Banking tab, and you will be taking to the deposit page of the site. There, click on eWalletXpress and you will be taken to eWalletXpress home page where you can immediately open an account. eWalletXpress allows its members to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to and from eWalletXpress casinos for US players, as long as the online casinos accept US residents with eWalletXpress.

Currently, the eWalletXpress legal form of deposit and withdrawal is available at eWalletXpress casinos for US players, eWalletXpress Flash Casinos, eWalletXpress Poker Rooms, Rival eWalletXpress casinos and Microgaming casinos accepting eWalletXpress: Slots Village Casino.

eWalletXpress is Safe and Secure

You can be assured that eWalletXpress casinos accepting US players offers safe and secure transactions due to its latest technology and encrypted data. Currently, there are no problems with eWalletXpress. eWalletXpress legal in the US affords players the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds to their account without eWalletXpress problems. Casinos that use eWalletXpress offer US players an alternative method to play at eWalletXpress online casinos.

Pay Pal is No Longer an Option

There was a time when US players could play any casino game online and utilize Pay Pal for deposit and withdrawal transactions. This is no longer an option - with one exception. There are a few poker sites that still accept Pay Pal. But there is a disadvantage in using Pay Pal as opposed to eWalletXpress. Pay Pal incurs higher fees than eWalletXpress. If you want to avoid the hassle of using Pay Pal, then we recommend you take the leap from Pay Pal to eWalletXpress for all your deposit and withdrawal needs at eWalletXpress casinos for US players.

Casinos Online with eWalletXpress Payments for US players

As stated earlier, there are four eWalletXpress online casinos accepting us players: Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red Casino, Cleopatra's Palace Casino, Slots Oasis Casino, and Bodog Casino.

In the case of the first three casinos, to open an account simply click on the Banking tab; click on eWalletXpress, and open an account at eWalletXpress home page.

At Bodog Casino, where you can engage in eWalletXpress gambling in their casino, they also offer eWalletXpress poker as well as eWalletXpress sportsbook betting. This is a major consideration for eWalletXpress US customers since NETeller discontinued servicing players from the US.

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