Fantasy Realm Slots

Are you intrigued by the fantasy realm – a land inhabited by elves, centaurs and dragons, where magic is normal and normal is fantasy, where your wildest dreams come true just by the touch of a button? Well, Fantasy Realm promises you this, and more! The game has beautifully illustrated symbols and features that help you up your winnings, such as the wild multiplier, a bonus round with free spins and scatter symbols, not forgetting a trip to the movie house with the Movie Mayhem feature, which gives you the opportunity to win a superb progressive jackpot. Fantasy Realm has 25 pay lines and 5 reels, with huge potential winnings for players – easy, fun to play, entertaining – make your fantasies become reality with this phantasmagorical game! Download and Play Fantasy Realm Slots.

Get started on your fantastic journey!

This video slot game has 5 reels and a massive 25 pay lines, which means that you can formulate winning combinations from no less than five reels. Every coin you enter will activate a new pay line. As soon as the reels stop spinning, the computer checks the symbol combinations at each pay line that has been activated. Yes, it’s that easy to start off on your epic journey to the land of fantasy – why hesitate, get started now!

Magical Movie Mayhem

This game gives you the opportunity to experience movie mayhem with a marvelous magical twist! It goes like this: coin values range from $0.01 up to $20.00, so players can make a maximum bet consisting of 25 coins. This signifies that with every spin, the minimum bet placed can be 25 cents and the maximum bet can be up to $500. Of course, if your bet is higher, the odds of triggering the special Progressive Jackpot in Movie Mayhem are increased.

The Unpredictable Centaur

The Centaur consists of a scatter symbol, which means that it does not have to be present on a line of an activated pay line in order for the player to win. The Centaur can be present on any of the reels to help you make up winning combinations, so long as there are two Centaur symbols or more. Your winnings are computed by multiplying the total coins wagered by the Centaur combination payout.

The enigmatic wild Elf Queen

Swathed in gold and holding a jeweled wand, the Elf Queen, a wild multiplier, replaces other symbols and helps the player to complete winning combinations as well as multiplying the payout received. The Elf Queen only turns up on reels 1 and 5 and is not able to replace the scatter symbol of the Centaur. But don’t let this put you off; the mystical Elf Queen is powerful – powerful enough to double your winnings!

So what are you waiting for, head to your favorite casino, download the software or play flash Fantasy Realm Slots today.