Is Simple Better When Developing a Slot Game?

What kinds of slot games appeal most to you? Do you think simple is better or do you go for the more complicated slot games with lots of rules and bonuses?

We thought we would explore that topic here, to see if we can get to the bottom of the issue.

It depends on the audience

Some slot game fans will tell you they love nothing better than a simple three-reel game with one line involved - or maybe three or five lines at a push. They don't care for complex features, lots of paylines, or anything else that makes it different from the usual experience.

Others will tell you a game of that type is boring. They want something complex, more involved, and with plenty of depth. If you are in that camp, you may well understand why that's the case, and why you may not enjoy a basic three-reel slot.

We're all different creatures, hence why there is no real answer here.

Can you be too complex in the creation of a slot game?

Some might say so, but again it depends on the audience. There will always be a market for the classic slot game based on the original fruit machine styling. Other players long for something different every time they play. In that case, they may consider something more involved that pays dividends if you play for longer. A more complex slot will certainly prove easier to play for a longer time when compared to the most basic slot game you can think of.

Is the execution of the game the most important thing?

We have established all kinds of slot games have their own audience. However, some three-reel slots are better than others, just as some five-reel slots are too. The key here could be in the presentation and theme of the game. There is no doubt some games look better than others. Sharp graphics, a modern look and polished feel, and great presentation all count for a lot.

You can see that execution could well be more vital to the success of a game than how complex it is - or isn't. We all have our favorite games and they may be anything from simple to far more involved. Whatever you enjoy playing, we guess the look of the game and the professionalism displayed in its creation are going to matter more than anything else.