Gold Rush Slots

Even if you are not from the US, you will no doubt have learnt or heard about the period of the Gold Rush. Well now you can reenact it for yourself with this great 1 payline 3 reel slots game from Rival.

Wild West Gold Rush Boom

Many players opt not to play the 3 reel 1 payline slots games as they think the probability of winning is less, there is no truth to this and for a small investment of $5 when playing Gold Rush Slots, you could potentially win $2000! Gold Rush slots are based in the historical period of the Wild West with a flowing river and the protector who sieves the river for coins as the reels spin. There are no difficult rules to follow and nothing extra ordinary in this game, it is straightforward and easy to play.

Up to 3 Coins per Spin

When playing Gold Rush slots, you have the option of placing bets of one, two or three coins. The coin sizes range from $0.05 up to $5.00 which gives every level of player the chance to join in and aim for the golden jackpot. At the side of the main screen you can clearly see the different winning lines and combinations that there are combined with the payouts for each of these winning lines. The greater the number of coins that you place the higher coin payout you can potentially win.

Gold Rush Symbols

Even the symbols reflect the gold rush history period. There are moneybags, gold bars, double gold bars and even triple gold bars. Also you can find the pan used for sorting gold and of course the prospector. In fact the prospector plays a very important part in this slots game and is the only place where there is a potential bonus. One prospector on a winning line will double your winnings, whereas two will give you 4x the value of your win. Gold Rush slots are a very straightforward easy game to follow with no hidden tricks or unusual activities. It is easy to play and offers great potential. You can enjoy the game while listening to the background saloon music and occasional jolly cheer.