Golden Palace News

Why does Golden Palace Casino always seems to grab the headlines? The answer is simple: They know how to market their casino using the most unique and sometimes off the wall campaigns. To give you an idea of why Golden Palace Casino is so popular, let's take a look at some of their antics. But before we do, it should be noted that these campaigns have not only raised millions of dollars for charitable organizations all over the world, but increased their presence in the online casino community in a positive manner.

You may recall that a woman claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary in a grilled-cheese sandwich. Well, this decade old sandwich was put up for auction on eBay and guess who bid on it? Right, Golden Palace Casino paid over $25,000 and won the auction in what was then a media bonanza.

In another online frenzy, Golden Palace Casino once again used eBay to auction off its website address, in the form of a tattoo - a tattoo that was to be placed on a woman's forehead. A single mom won the $10,000 auction. To the casino's credit, the woman received the tattoo and was given the $10,000 as well.

Golden Palace Casino once again partnered with eBay in this weird but true event. A woman put her child's name up for auction and when she gave birth the child was given the first name of Golden Palace. Although she is now called Goldie, she also has a $15,000 college fund for her future education. Golden Palace Casino also made news when it purchased the ball that David Beckham used to blow the penalty in the Euro quarter final. The casino paid an astounding $650,000 with which they purchased the now famous Pope-Mobile.

While you have to admit these marketing campaigns were beyond "nuts," Golden Palace Casino made a name for itself as the number one online casino in the global community of online players. Our hats are off to them!