Software Developer Microgaming Obtains the Rights to the Exclusive Tarzan™ Brand

ISLE OF MAN - Casino software developer Microgaming has obtained the full rights to the online slot machine brand name Tarzan™. Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. and the popular game creator recently signed an exclusive license agreement to seal the deal.

Tarzan Has Been a Beloved Jungle Hero for over a Century

It was the legendary writer Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote and published the famous tale Tarzan of the Apes. He created this classic novel in the year 1912. Since then, the more than a century old jungle tale has always been a popular story among children and adults.

Besides being a famous book character, Tarzan also quickly found its way to the movie screens. And as of now, he is one of the most frequently portrayed movie heroes of all times. In total, 29 actors had the honor of playing the wild man from the jungle. It all started with Elmo Lincoln in the 1918 movie Tarzan of the Apes (silent), and the most recently portray comes from Alexander Skarsgård in the 2016 release The Legend Of Tarzan.

Besides being a favorite tale in the motion pictures, the novel of Tarzan has also been adapted for two Broadway productions, television series and comic strips.

What Gamers Can Expect from the Soon To Be Released Tarzan Slot Title

Microgaming has a very diverse game collection that is filled with branded content, and now Tarzan Slots will be added to that selection. Later this year, the entertaining game becomes available on mobile and desktop gambling platforms from Microgaming powered operators. There, it will get a center position and showcase its outstanding story line and game features. The familiar characters Tarzan, Archimedes and Jane will all be present on the slot machine reels, and they will be accompanied by many of their buddies from the jungle. However, the characters are not the only recognizable elements of this game. You will also here a lot of familiar sounds from the story, and the Tarzan yell is of course the most famous one.

The Slot Title Developer Is Enthusiastic about Its License Agreement and the Upcoming Game Release

The yell is just one of the many recognizable Tarzan elements for people from all over the world. Microgaming is very pleased to have the honor of hosting a slot title with a theme that centers on such a widely recognized character. The software creator's development team really enjoys to work on a slot title that embraces and celebrates the jungle hero. The CEO of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever, has seen the prototype version from the game, and he believes that the end result is not going to disappoint slot enthusiasts and Tarzan fans. He further explains that the game will be released in the winter of 2016.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Is Equally Pleased to Work Together on the New Project

The President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., James Sullos, is equally very pleased with the cooperation between the two brands. He praises the software developer for being a quality company that has a lot of experience in the field of slot game creations. He believes that the game designer will produce a slot title that is going to attract a lot of enthusiastic gambling fans from all over the world.

A good Year for Tarzan Fans

With the release of the new Tarzan game in the winter, and the current popularity of the 2016 movie The Legend of Tarzan, it is certainly a good year for the fans of the jungle hero. Are you such a fan who cannot wait until the slot game is released? Then you should definitely keep an eye out for more updates about the game and its final release date.