Monkey's Money Classic Slots

In the wild, fruits, nuts, and termites are a regular staple for most monkeys. But present them with bananas, and you have made their day. This is clearly evident in Monkey’s Money Classic Slots, where a hip and cool monkey wearing shades is as happy as can be.

Show Me the Money

In the case of Monkey’s Money Classic Slots, a classic slot with 3 reels and 1 pay line, you can garner a 3000 coin jackpot by betting the max with each spin. At $10 a pop, there are numerous coin sizes that can you can utilize if you so choose. More importantly, you can view the symbols and their payouts quite easily since the pay table is located to the right of the slot machine. There is also a second jackpot worth 1000 coins as well in this two-coin slot.

Banana Are Ripe for the Pickin’

There are three symbols in Monkey’s Money Classic Slots, making this slot game very easy to play. They include: bars, sevens, and the happy Monkey. Catch any of them on the center line, and you’re a winner. The Monkey is appropriately given the wild symbol, which can increase your payouts. Get all three of this happy dude on a pay line and you win the jackpot! If you have never played online slots before, we invite you to join our featured 32Red Casino to…