Pharaoh's Fortune Slots

With its ancient Egyptian theme, we introduce you to Pharaohs Fortune Class Slots, a bold-colored slot game that is very easy to play. Using symbols of this ancient era, you can vie to make your fortune when you download and play Pharaohs Fortune Classic Slots at our featured casino.

The Pyramid’s Secrets

Still revealing its secrets, even today, this 3-reel, 1-payline slot has two jackpots: the first is 2500 coins and the second is 1000 coins. Although the maximum bet per spin is $15, you can still play this fabulous slot game for 25¢ up to $5.

Revisiting King Tut

The symbols in Pharaohs Fortune Classic Slots are indicative of this theme and include: the Pharaoh (King Tut), Pyramids, Scarabs, and Bars. With the pay table located to the right of the slot machine, you can easily find the 10 winning combinations garnering you high payouts. There are no other bonus features in this game, but you can still play for hours vying for both jackpots. Enjoy the many mysterious treasures of the Pyramids by playing Pharaohs Fortune Classic Slots.