Freaky Wild West 3D Slots

Freaky Wild West 3D Slots is the newest entry in Juicy Stakes Casino, and Bodog Casino’s already impressive collection of slot games. This new game really gives players a spectacular alternative to the other, more traditional slots, in a fun and funky Wild West theme.

Keeping the West Wild

Despite the fact that Freaky Wild West Slots is a brand new game, Bodog already has it available on a no-download platform, so you can start the reels spinning without even loading anything new to your computer.

Five reels and thirty pay-lines keep the action moving on this wacky new machine. And if you are expecting John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, you ain’t gonna’ find ‘em here! What you will find, however, is hours of entrancing and fun play. Three bonus games occur in Bandit Valley, Indian Village and Sheriff Town, where cowboys come from. As players get more bonus games, the plot advances and takes players through this adventure in the Weird West.

In addition to the Bonus Games, the Native American Shaman symbol earns free spins. Two Shamans are rewarded with three free spins, three get you five spins, four earn fifteen free spins, and five Shamans get thirty spins. Like most of the current machines, free spins may be won during the free spin rounds as well, really compounding the excitement.

The West the Way You Want it to Be

Like all the best machines, Freaky Wild West has variable coin values. The minimum coin value on this machine is 5¢ and the highest coin value is $5 – that means that, playing all the pay-lines, the minimum bet is $1.50 per spin and the maximum bet is $150 per spin. As a result, Freaky Wild West, like many of the hottest current games, is suitable to all levels of player from the casual to the serious high-roller. You have encountered this range of adaptability on games such as Dolphin Slots, and Cherry Slots Online.

Shootout at the Bodog Corral

Bodog Casino has been part of the online gambling community since the beginning. It started outside the US as an online sports book, and branched into the bigger casino world early on. Bodog offers card rooms where interactive Poker games are played, and they offer a wide variety of great games. They have, however, been criticized in the past for slot games that are not as cutting edge or as creative as some of their competitors like Crazy Slots Casino who specialize in slot games. They are not the place to play Queen of the Nile online or find the Cleopatra Slot Machine Download.

Now that has changed. Freaky Wild West 3D Slots is about as creative and innovative slot game as there is. They are really setting the bar with this one as well as with several other cutting edge new games that they are offering. Head on over to Bodog tonight and spin the reels on this great new game for a while. You will find it fun and addictive and, potentially, quite profitable!

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